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149 - Using Flows in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Using Flows in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Today we are going to go through Flow, it's very interesting, it is a workflow engine from Microsoft. It's not specific for Business Central, it's a workflow engine which you can use for anything within the 365 ecosphere you can also use it outside 365, all the applications. But we can use in NAV or Business Central.

Create a Flow
I'm going to create e simple flow for the item approval, over here in the item card I can go in to see my flows, I'm actually logged into Flows, so it comes already logged in here. I'm going to create one from blank. I can just go ahead and look for Business Central. I can see here that the triggers that come up, that I can use are most of the approval triggers. You can actually connect flow to the approval triggers, and I am going to connect them to the Item approval trigger.

So, once somebody hits get approval on an item, this flow is going to be triggered. I select the company that is going to be for, pick Cronus, and here I can have all kinds of conditions but I'm just going to say for all items. Here we are going to add an action, what's going to happen after the approval? approval is set up, we are going to send a notification and an email. It would say, approval requested and in the email body I'm going to say, by the email and that's it. Super simple.

But notice that I actually put it in a field from the approval. It is saved. Now if we are actually going to use it. Let me go ahead and check out how it works, we are refreshing the screen, going into the item list over here, go to items. I'm going to send an approval on this Swivel chair. Send approval request, let's see what happens. I'm just going to verify if its active, it is on. It looks ok. I Should get an email over here. You can see here active workflows, Item approval workflow. And now we should get the email.

It triggers are all on the approvals, anything that has an approval can have a flow trigger, you can create other triggers inflow. I could do a separate video on that. This is so simple to set up a conditional workflow using flow for business central.  



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