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105 - What's new in NAV 2018 Pt. 3

What's new in NAV 2018 Pt. 3           

We are gonna keep going in 2018 kind of picking out what's new, as I’ve been exploring the product obviously there a few little things here and there, I got pretty interesting one today.

I noticed that If you actually log in as the business manager role, you get most of the things that are new on your screen. For example, the excel reports right up here which connects straight to excel, another thing that I noticed is something called product video down here; I love videos as you probably know; and if you go into product video here, you get a list of videos probably for setting up things.

I say probably because if I actually click on something like this I just get a page ID and it goes nowhere, and there is no action or anything like that so, I think this is actually an undocumented addition, will probably be linked later by Microsoft later. In any case, it's here, so hopefully, with the service pack, we’ll have those linked up. I know that it wasn't mentioned in any of the blog posts about what is new or any presentation, so I’m sure this is something that is just on its way.

Another thing that is really interesting and actually does work is, If I go into the contact screen and we’ve been doing videos about CRM and this kind of holds hand in hand with that but as you’re probably familiar with that we have contacts inside NAV, so these are people companies and their contact cards.

If I go in here for example into the add-on marketing actually just underneath add-on marketing I’m gonna create a new contact and just get any number here, let say its Johannes, it's me and I, not a company I‘m actually a person and I am with the add-on marketing group in this case.

Contact image analysis
I have a new contact for myself, what I and do is actually import a picture and I’m gonna do that, and I’m going to pick this picture, its a picture I took today, not very flattering but notice that I actually said: hey, good work you can view the result of image analysis on the profile questionnaire fast tab, now what happened?, it actually detected that I’m a male, it should be fairly obvious for the beard that I have and It made A guess on my age, not the correct one but I’m pretty happy with this number so we’ll leave it at that.

How do we actually set this up?, if I go out of here and go into my home screen again I’m gonna be in the business manager, you can see here that we have service connections and extension. So here you can actually add extensions and service connections and one extension that's installed on the demo is the image analyzer, so this is a Microsoft tool, it actually connects to Azure and you actually do have to do a little bit of setup on this, but its not major and connected basically to Azure so its a connection string etc and then you get that to work.

Its gonna go here into the setup and this is the setup screen, I actually did lower the confidence score down to 50 because I was playing around with pictures that were not perfect to get the age on, for example if you have a side view of the face it's not gonna detect the age, etc .

Now the API URI is here, this is something you get from Azure, so If you get into the API documentation you can actually connect to that, and the will give you a key once you log into Azure, these two things you actually have to enter in here and once you get them going, the system pretty much works.

This is a really good feature because what it does, it allows you to connect with us toward doing something fancy like face recognition and bring data back. Obviously, we do not the ERP to do facial recognition by itself we want services in the cloud to do that, so pretty happy about this one and I think this will probably move forward into other things that the cloud can perform for us and bring data back.



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