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104 - What's new in NAV 2018 Pt. 2

104 - What's new in NAV 2018 Pt. 2    

I’m actually gonna go into a little thing that I notice as I was playing around with 2018, we have something called user tasks now in 2018. This was not visible a least on the role center in previous versions so I’m gonna just take a quick look at it and show you.

If I go into here, you can see that we have pending user tasks 0, this tile here is new at least for the accounting manager it didn't exist in 2017 so I imagine this is a new feature. If I go into the pending user tasks, I can actually create a new one and these are just tasks, tasks that you can assign, move around etc.

I think it's an excellent addition to NAV. we do have tasks in CRM system but those tasks are more oriented towards pushing forward some kind of a sales process. These tasks here look like they are more oriented towards something to do with the NAV system so that you can actually assign a task to another user.

Create a new task
Here, for example, let's say there is an error on the customer card and I'm actually let somebody else know about that or put down a task for myself to fix that. So here error on a customer card, please fix address, look up, correct. I can assign it to someone else, I’m not gonna do that in this case but I could, I can give myself a due date for it. Let's say it's gonna be for today, and If I actually complete it or not what the priority is and when it's completed and then I can link this task.

I’m actually gonna link this task to a page and link it to the customer card or the customer list right here. Then I just hit ok and now I’ve created a task, close this out.

Here again, let me just go ahead and delete this out here, I have to assign it ; look learning something; I actually have to assign it to myself to see this, so let's go ahead, you might make this mistake as well, it doesn't automatically assign to myself so I’m gonna do that, sign into demo, hit ok, close. I get one ok, great.

We do need to assign things to something. I guess if they are not assigned to anyone it not gonna show up in the tile here they are gonna be by themselves and at least this is a pretty good feature that’s brand new and I hope you start using it, I can see a lot of potential for this feature, you could be assigning tasks from another document. I thought actually that might be in here but I can not find anywhere on the customer list that you can actually assign tasks directly from. It would be nice also in the sales order if you could assign a task and it would automatically connect that particular sales order. Maybe that's coming or its an idea for an extension for somebody to do, a natural extension, but anyways its something new for NAV so I hope you enjoyed It.      



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