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109 - Physical Inventory Count for Bin Enabled Warehouses in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Physical Inventory Count for Bin Enabled Warehouses in Microsoft Dynamics NAV           

We are at the Year-end 2017, so we are thinking about year-end stuff, physical inventory account is important, we do have physical inventory a count for normal warehouses that are not been enabled.

But I wanted to add a video on the warehouse that has been enabled, so if you’re using a warehouse that’s not been enabled today and you’re thinking about how it works in been enabled or you have been enabled and just wanna know quickly this will be the video for you, so with further do.

I go here into the warehouse section in my department's, go into task and we have something called Warehouse physical inventory Journals, so this is not physical inventory journal but Warehouse physical inventory journal there is a difference, this is sort of the advanced version.

So I’m gonna actually just delete these and recreate them for you guys, if I hit here, calculate inventory, similar button as to the normal warehouse, it will go over everything that is in the warehouse and create lines for what it thinks should be there. I can also check off here items on an inventory and create lines for inventory that it doesn't find so that you can possibly put in quantities for those which happens in physical inventory counts of course. In this case, I’m not gonna do that, just going to hit ok here on this.

The system goes through everything and tells me this is what I think should be on inventory according to what we have on our balances, and here you see it's very different, we have a zone, so in the pick zone we have bins, so pic zone, bulks zone, staging zone, shipping zone, quality control and then we have bins within those zones, this is not something we have in the standard warehouse which has not been enabled if its been enables we have all of this.

You could possibly, for example, have the same item in different bins and It will show up multiple times here, and then you will just go ahead and say yes we have four so, there is no difference there.

Oh we find eleven here, so there is one here which will be a positive adjustment and you just go down the list here, of course, I advice using some kind of a handheld to work with this, and there are many options when it comes to that.

You might already have on setup, NAV comes or ships with a handheld program ATCS, so you can try that for example, I’m not a huge fan of that but anyways. Then when you are done, you register and this will post but you're not done, this does not fix the inventory o chart of accounts, it just fixes the inventory in the warehouse and posts everything to an adjustment bin.

So in order to actually get everything out of the adjustment bin and into the inventory on the chart of accounts, you will have to go here into item journal, and you have a button on the item journal right here, which is called calculate warehouse adjustment.

You probably wondered what this does if you haven't used but enabled warehouses before, but basically what this does it allows me to take a look at the white warehouse I just put on in a location filter here and see what needs to be adjusted and booked to the chart of accounts. That is really it.

Even though you do physical inventory count in the warehouse and post it just posts to an adjustment bin and so it doesn't really fix the inventory until you do this part. This will actually take it into the inventory journal and If you post it here, then it has been adjusted and we are in sync. So this is a very important step for warehouse management when you are doing physical inventory counts.

I hope that was revealing on the physical inventory count for bin enabled warehouses. We’ll probably gonna talk more about that in 2018.



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