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157 - Power Apps in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Power Apps in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Today we are going to go through Power Apps and how it connects to NAV or Business Central. Basically, I'm here in Business Central and what I've done is created a Web service that connects to the item list. If I go here into web services and, we've done this before when we were connecting to other data services, like Power BI, so if I actually go in here and see that I have page 31 exposed as the item list. So it's now ready to be used by any other application. What I'm going to do now is actually connects with Power Apps.

Power Apps is a part of Office 365, it allows you to create apps that connect to anything within the Microsoft ecosphere, so we want to create an app that connects to Business Central of course. I just get in here in Power apps and say, create an app. It says ok, do you want to pick some data. If I click on here, more, I can get to the connections that I've created. It really easy you just have to setup Microsoft DYnamics 365 Business Central as a connection and then you can select it. There is really no set up except that. Then it actually gives me the companies that I want to get into. I want to get into the Cronus and now I get all of the web services that are exposed and I just want to go into my item list and connect.

Now it actually reads the web service and builds an app for you. So I could, of course, do it from scratch, but it just goes through all of that and sets it up like this. Now I have an app fully configures. One of the cool things with power apps is that this is actually all in the cloud. So, the whole development environment is in the cloud and just hanging out here on the web browser, so anyways.

I have the item list, let me go ahead and run that. If I actually click on a particular desk, I get the desk, I can click here and click edit and I can edit it and save. I guess since is on preview mode, it's not going to give me the save back. But if I publish this actually I am able to work with this just like normal. So that is pretty awesome you have a full-fledged application just built for you. Maybe we'll spend some time exploring Power Apps and what we can do for Power apps other than just creating this fancy app through the web server automatically. Until Next time.



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