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146 - Edit Customers with Excel in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Edit Customers with Excel in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Business central obviously comes with an app, you can go to Microsoft store and pick up the app. Its right next to the Dynamics NAV app, the old one, there is a new one here.  I noticed though it’s a new app, that the scaling is a little bit small. Maybe it's different than your screen and maybe there is a setting you can set up. But it does come in small, so it's not scaling properly. But I'm sure they are working on that, it’s a very new product.

What I wanted to do, so you can see here that it just looks like as if you logged in online, it's the same and its running in app mode on your system. If I go into the customer list, this is a neat feature. Customers and right now I am connected to the cloud, all I had to do was give my login credentials, email address and my password and I was in. Didn’t have to put on a server or any configuration at all, just straight into the system which is fantastic, a huge improvement.

Running this app here, I have a list of customers, I hope you can see I have the names here as well. I want to edit in excel, I want to edit the customer in excel right? I want to change something about the customers in excel and I just click that button, it opens up excel, I hit enable editing.

Editing in Excel
What it does, it logs in into Excel and it logs into this part of excel which is the dynamics add-in, which automatically configures itself, I didn’t have to do any configuration at all. And it brings my customer listing in here, and let's say we got the name of the school of Fine Art, and we want to call it School of Very fine arts, (laughs).

Now I changed the name of this customer. It hasn't changed up here, you can see the customer up here, I know you have to kind of zoom on it, but it still says school of fine art, but I changed it here to school of Very fine art All I must do is publish on the side here in my little add-in. If I look at the system over here, just refresh, you can see it's called very fine art. The name has changed.

So, it's been edited in Excel, and I can change anything right here, it's amazing. So, if I needed to mass change this to the customer, bring it in here, change them, publish, done!

We did have did feature before, but you had to set it up and you had to get web services configured, authentication, all kinds of stuff, it's complicated. There is no setup. If you are running business central, you can do this now! no one has to help you. Business Central is really cool.



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