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Business Central and Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Business Central and Microsoft Teams Collaboration

We have been going into production a lot and I-m going to take just one video break and talk about something different, it's just something I was coming across as we are going through the stack with Microsoft. Obviously, Business Central is in the cloud, it's in the Microsoft Stack and everything is being connected in the stack. It's just one piece in the puzzle.   

One thing that Microsoft has is Microsoft Teams and we can actually get into that here, you can see in the stack we have teams and just click on it like that. Basically, what teams is about is that you can start a conversation with people, but at the same time you can invite into the conversations like anybody from your organization. It's like a targeted chat window. But you can also include files on there, so you can actually upload things. There is a wiki here as well, and then you can actually add apps to this. So you could spin off a lot of different things, form this chat window.   

The whole idea is that is collaborations, you are in there having a conversation with people. And then you can add more ups, putting up files etc.  

Why am I talking about this, because we can actually show business central here in Teams. I haven't gotten it to work right off the cloud but there is an app version right here. And it’s the same thing as in the cloud. I-m going to go ahead and create a new channel. Call it coffee, because it’s the coffee channel., click add. And I can start talking to y friends about coffee, but since we are running business central, I really want to be able to go into business central in this channel. So I can just hit add.   

Now we don’t have, at least at the moment, and Icon for business central. But Business central is a cloud platform so I can just pick a website, and I have copy pasted the website. Call it BC for business central and the URL is here, from where we access business central. Hit save on that and now it actually logs in to business central. Now I have business central inside my conversation. 

I can talk about coffee and then I go into business central and go, which items do we have in that coffee, go into items. Search, and have it right here. So that is kind of cool, its connecting together, business central is now inside a chat window. Just one thing to demonstrate, one of many that Microsoft has in their stack.



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