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140 - Create a Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Create a Purchase Order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

We are going to keep going on business central, the new name which I hope will stick and stay is D 365 Business Central. And that's basically now in the cloud. I’ve done a lot of new videos but even though the cloud version has pretty much everything that NAV does, I’m still going to go through it because I’m sure there is a lot whole of people out there that are just getting into this for the first time. 
Create an item 
Right now we are looking at NAV here this is the D 365 BC. If I go here into items, I have an item list and I actually created an item in the previous video and then I created a new instance of this demo so now my item is gone. I’m just going to quickly create it again. I click new here, one of the nice things compared to the old system is that we get pictures of the items right way of the bat and you can of course look at a list view, but pictures are nice. 

Create a new item here, use the item with no sales tax template. I'm going to create a coffee mug again, just to go over that. I mean this is pretty much it, all I have to do is give it a name, and the base unit of measure is here, of course I could put it an item category and give it cost and all of that. But I really just need to give it a name and obviously since this is so picture oriented, I would like to have a picture of it. I go to picture import and choose a picture. Before we do anything we got to have coffee.  I know there is people that probably do not drink coffee, they drink tea instead. I’m not a tea drinker, I’m a coffee drinker, but I have no judgement of whichever you drink. Good for you.  

Create a purchase order 
Here we have an item created, I’m just going to close that out and the whole idea of this, was to go into purchasing. I’m actually going to put this in the purchase order. So I go into purchase and purchase orders. I kind of like how this jives, this menu system, it looks kind of basic, but this is kind of dropdowns with these arrows, there is no graphic behind it. And it drops down straight into like a submenu right here, and then I go straight into purchases. Very quick, its elegant, minimalistic. 

 In here I have a list of purchase orders, I’m just going to create a new one. We do have Fabrikam still. It's good. So I’m going to pick the vendor. One of the interesting things is that in this new system, all the old demo vendors, customers have been changed, the Fabrikam use to be there and still is so I’m just going to click on that one. By the way I’m creating a purchase order, I go into item, I want to find my coffee mug, its the first one there, actually if I start typing it automatically filters on that, which is nice.  

And just as a comparison of the previous system I would have to click on looking by description but apparently this automatically does that. Obviously we’d rather type in the name rather than finding a number. So location code, let's just get this into the blue location.  I’m so use to the blue location, blue location is gone, we have east main and west. Let's go with main. And we doing 50 and we are going to pay a buck for each of these. I want to put the invoice number for vendor.  And I’m going to book this so I go ahead and post.   

Do you want to receive, invoice or Receive and invoice; For example for those who don’t know, we can receive the inventory and leave the order open to actually put the invoice in separately. So we receive it in the warehouse but we haven't gotten the invoice from the vendor, or we can receive and Invoice at the same time. We can not invoice first and then receive, that would just make no sense. That's what these option are about, just to refresh your memory.; 

Now the order has been posted, moved to the posted purchase invoices window, do you want to open that up? Sure, let's take a look at that. Here is the posted purchase invoice, its been received, everything looks good. Let's take a look at the item, lets go to the items. We can go back into Cronus, into items and now I have this coffee mug and we have 50 pieces on stock, success. Lets take a look at that, this is the item, lets navigate into the entries and the ledger entries.  

Here it is, its in the main location. The cost amount is 50 Dollars for this, if you click on it, you can get the value entries, so the people that know NAV, know that this is very similar if not identically the same. And we've got some inventory for this item. So it has been purchased. 

You can see that the purchasing and creating an item is very easy and very simple, obviously I didn't do any fancy stuff like attributes or categories, maybe I'll jump into that in the next video. 



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