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37 - How to use Fedex Rate Shop in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

How to use Fedex Rate Shop in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Today I’m going to do a little bit different than I’ve done usually, I’m going to be like moving a little bit into add-on packages and extensions with the next videos. I’ll of course do some of the base package still, but there are a few things that very good third party vendors have created for NAV which is worth taking a look at and I highly recommend adding to your system if you don’t have that.

One of things is for example the Fedex communication - that we can natively communicate with Fedex straight through NAV. And right now I have a problem, I actually have to shop the rates for Fedex for an order, and rather than going to the Fedex website and entering in the weight etc, I want to do this straight out of NAV.

So I’ve enabled something called ‘Rate Shopping’ which is from Lanham Associates and please check out their website for stuff; we use them all the time.

So what I’m going to do is go here and show you something called Shipping. So if I type in Shipping I, of course, get like a million things that have to do with shipping.

And I’m going to expand it out here a little bit, and here I can see something called ‘E-Ship’. E-Ship is a module from Lanham which does a lot of things; one of the things it does is it connects UPS and Fedex to NAV natively, so you don’t have to go outside NAV.  

And I’m actually going to go here into Shipping Agents; I go to Shipping Agents in E-Ship. So I can see here i have set up DHL, Fedex, UPS, USPS, but in Fedex if I go into the Services, I’ve enabled two services to be rate-shopped.

So I want people to be able to see the cost of sending with Fedex Express Saver and Fedex First Rate, so basically those are the two things that I want my sales people to be able to shop. I can just add more services here. I could have UPS etc, and that would show up in the same fashion.

Let me just show you how that works. So if I go into my Sales Orders, this is where it’s most pertinent. Obviously, you can do this on a quote as well and there is a module where you can just rate shop without going into Sales Order and check out the rates.

I’m going to create a new Sales Order to The Cannon Group - favorite customer - they’re overdue of course, that’s ok. Now, I’m going to sell them my standard coffee mug out of the Blue Location.

I’m actually going to ship them, or quote them 300, and let’s say 5 dollars each and the shipping address I’m going to change to send it to New York. New York, New York. And the zip code which is important for all of this stuff is 10009. Ok. So now a customer asks me: ‘Ok can you ship this?’. Of course we can ship it. ‘And what do you offer?’ And I can just go in here to say Actions, there is E-Ship, I go to Rate Shop and it communicates with Fedex dynamically, and it’s telling me that it can charge an incredible amount of money for sending it Express Saver.

It’s very heavy that I’m sending - and the weight is below a minimum requirement of 151 pounds, I think that was just in the set up, but the important part here is that you can actually shop the rates right off the sales order. Let me just increase this, so we get let’s say it’s 500. I think each mug was like half a pound so they are really heavy mugs. And here we go. So we get the valuations here.

I think this is actually a test so it comes up with some funky numbers but you can understand the feature, how it works. And this would just list more and more services where you can ship.



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