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158 - Outlook Integration in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Outlook Integration in Microsoft D365 Business Central

 Today I'm going to show you the mail integration inside Business Central. It is extremely good, it used to be a semi-good mailing integration in the past, but this time around it's quite fancy, so I'm just going to give a taste of it in this video and we are actually going to dive in what we can do in detail in further videos.  

 If you are logged here into the cloud, you can see up here, that we can get into many more applications. Most of them are going to be connecting to Business Central directly which makes it really nice. One of them, of course, is Outlook. If I go here, I'm here in my mailbox, I got some test emails over here from the test account that I have, If I click on here I have a business Central icon right on the side here and if I click on that.

For example, contact insights, it starts looking. In this case, it didn’t find any contacts for this email, but I can create one. I can just go ahead and say, view existing contact, I get all my contacts here, I'm actually running Business Central here on the side.  I can just go ahead and create a new contact. Now I'm actually creating a new contact inside NAV which is going to be attached in this email. 

 So really, we are actually inside NAV on the email. There are more things that we can do, we can actually create a sales order, a sales quote, a purchase order, all kind of things. That what I'm going to do in further videos but to kind of dive on how much we can dive over here. But it looks to me that we are just running straight an application of Business Central here on the side, so there should be a lot of options like, of course here are the actions for a contact straight into opportunities.  More to come on that, it's really exciting. Until Next Video.  



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