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62 - Role Center Charts in Dynamics NAV 2017 - Part 4

Role Center Charts in Dynamics NAV 2017 - Part 4       

What we did before was go through creating generic charts in NAV based on other table or Query, but if you have gone through NAV like user profiles, you probably noticed that there are some charts there that are fairly nice and have features and functionalities beyond the generic chart.

What I’ve done is I create I created a role center, took to the accounting manager role center and added all of the charts that are predefined from NAV or Microsoft into one role center. If you wanted to find all of these charts you'd have to go between the role centers, for the accounting manager does have cash flow forecast and Finance Performance, I think you need to go to the sales manager or sales order processor to get the trailing sales orders, sales performance, purchase or get superlative performance and I think the inventory performance is also with the sales order manager or sales manager.

Anyways, just move between to find them. So what we created before was the customer balance by sales person which is down here, this is a generic chart and it’s based on a Query but if you go in here, you can't click on the column here and get for example all of the open balances, that would be really nice, but you cannot do that and there is no way for you to even set that up. So it's not interactive, I cannot change any of these things here, I could change the filter within the query to minimize this down, but it’s not interactive at all.
So it’s showing you exactly what you need to see without clicking or anything like that, then its great. If not then you are missing something more.

Predefined charts in NAV
The options to go beyond that is that there are predefined charts in NAV. I moved all of them into this role center, those are basically about six, there might be more, but I think these are the main ones, and there are some differences between them.
I’m just going to go through them here. First one is the Tailing Sales Order Chart

Trailing sales orders
This shows :the sales orders that are open, pending approval, pending prepayment or released, and shows the color-coded by the status they are in, You can change period length. I can also See all orders until today.so it doesn't go into the future, or even orders delayed. I can click on it and get the list of orders, that’s kind of cool. And so this is a little bit more interactive, however, there is no way for me to actually change this beyond the options that I have here. This is just it, this is trailing sales orders, that's all I get, it's like a widget, it doesn't do anything more.

Cashflow forecast
I go into the Cash Flow forecast, here I have chart options as well, I can change the start date and change the period length, Group by various things, show it as an accumulator, or changed or combined so If I actually get in here to combined, Get something like this. I can Edit things out of here, I can also click to get to details, or what each one is, so its a little bit interactive, but again I cannot change things beyond what it's showing me right now, it's of a fixed widget.

And Adhering truly to the NAV spirit we want to be able to change things, we like changing things, that's the whole idea behind a good system, always being able to say yes.

So if we go into the right-hand side here, we actually see something called Sales performance, Purchase performance, Inventory performance and Finance Performance Charts, so everything that ends with performance, these are really cool charts and why do I say that?, I say it is mostly because we can change them, to a certain degree.

So for example here in Sales performance, I can hit “select chart” and it brings up a list in NAV which is “Analysis report Chart list” and if I hit edit on that, I actually get into an environment where I can set up columns, measure names and there are based on analysis and so this is really cool and I'm not gonna spend time in this video going in detail on this. I actually would like to create another video on that, but we give this charts thumbs up because we can change them.

And if I go into the Purchase performance, the same thing in there. I can actually change it with the analysis report. Inventory performance has the same Idea, and also Finance performance.
This is based on account schedules, this is a little bit different. But again, we are working with something that we can change within the framework

So in next video, I probably talk about the salesperson inventory and finance performance charts and how we can set them up to our liking and then attach them to the role centers.



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