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Software to Help You Grow Your Business

When it comes to Nutraceutical businesses, nothing is more important than having an ERP system like INECTA Life Sciences that can aid them in regulatory compliance, and quality control. In addition, Nutraceutical companies must be able to rely on an ERP system to account for recipe/formula R&D and management, as well as lot and inventory management and costing. Considering the high stakes involved in running a successful nutraceutical business, it’s no wonder why companies rely heavily on the reputation and efficiency of ERP solutions like INECTA Life Sciences with decades of experience under their belt. We rely on nutraceutical businesses to help keep us in good health, therefore it is imperative for these businesses to operate smoothly and up to code. INECTA Life Sciences can propel your processes to new heights, ensuring the quality and safety of your product throughout its lifespan.

Connect All Your Departments: From Procurement to Sales

Extended Lot Management

Private-labels, contract manufacturers and companies that produce their own labels need to be able to easily track and trace their supply chain forwards and backward in real-time. ELM greatly improves the ability to manage and gain deeper visibility into lots. Quickly find where inventory is located and when they are set to expire, per lot. Also use user defined lot attributes e.g. vendor, brand, for tracing and filtering purposes.

  • Actual VS Estimate
  • Increase Lot Visibility and Usability
  • Lot Attributes
  • Minimum Expiration Date for Customer
  • Mass Item and/or Lot Attribute Substitution
  • Calculate storage costs using revaluation Journals
  • ELM Reports

Recipe Configurator

In some cases, nutraceutical companies need to be able to create a recipe and produce the finished good before sending it to the customer. Our recipe configurator allows the user to create recipes through R&D and convert them to items with production BOM once the recipe has been vetted and is ready for production.

  • Recipe Management
  • Nutritional Content
  • Images and reports
  • Chef View
  • Batch Management and UOM Conversions
  • Estimated vs. Actual Cost Analysis
  • Menu Management

Reverse BOM

The Reverse BOM feature allows the user to create a production order that allows one raw material, for example hemp seeds, to become many different finished goods; Hemp powder 50%. Hemp powder 20%, hemp oil, etc. The user is also able to cost share and allocate cost to each finished good.

  • Generate production Orders
  • Output and Cost distribution template

Quality Control

Maintaining the overall quality and safety of your product is imperative for any Nutraceutical business for many reasons. Our ERP solution has built in Quality Control for Machines and inventory. Set flows to flag each process that requires a QC check and keep the report from that QC check attached to the lot or machine forever.

Order Guide

Automate and enhance the sales order process by creating a catalog of items most frequently purchased by the customer or items that you only allow sold to that customer. Also, you can allow a sales associate to upsell a customer by allowing the order guide to suggest items based on past sales of this customer and others.

  • Recurring Orders
  • Items frequently ordered or Items you want to limit to a specific customer
  • Suggested Items


The Transportation Management functionality provides a multitude of screens and reports that provide shipment managers with planned routes and shipments on any given day, within the week of the order. Managers have the ability to pre-define routes within a city/state across multiple drop locations and assign customer orders to those planned routes. The system also allows linking of shipping agent information to the transportation orders through which the invoice can be raised for transportation expenses.

  • Route Management
  • Transportation Order
  • Freight rate matrix
  • Truck staging
  • Shipments per order
  • Receipts per order
  • Transfers per order


For our Nutraceutical customers, we offer a fully integrated EDI system with the ability to accept and return electronic documents with unbelievable convenience. INECTA's design allows you to connect to your respective customers and vendors directly or via a trusted Value-Added Network. INECTA can help accommodate your specific needs and preferences with ease and precision.

  • Available both as direct EDI to customers and Vendors.
  • As well as connecting to a Value-Added Network (VAN)

Warehouse RF Scanners

INECTA Life Sciences serves Nutraceutical warehouse managers with a cutting-edge, Android-based application that links directly to the scanner allowing for unmatched sorting and allocation capabilities to ensure warehousing is conducted seamlessly.

  • Works on RF/RFID/smart scan guns
  • Traceability through the warehouse
  • Cross-Docking
  • License plating
  • Bin management
  • Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • Shipping and receiving station
  • Scale integration (Receiving/Shipping)
  • Catchweight / Variable weight
  • Add-on 3PL
  • Add-on UPS, USPS, FedEx integrations
  • Directed pick and put away


Managing your finances as a nutraceutical company is a snap with the aid of INECTA Life Science’s remarkable solution designed to service the nutraceutical industry. Keep your finances in impeccable order with Business Central powered accounting capabilities. Our industry-specific finance module offers multiple functions that elevate your business including cost accounting, fixed assets, bank account connection, and cashflow and much more.


Elevate your nutraceutical business's reporting capabilities with the INECTA Life Sciences solution. With INECTA Life Sciences, your business's reporting is carefully handled through precise and accurate software that is unparalleled in regard to the nutraceutical industry. In addition, INECTA Life Sciences offers a base package for reporting specifically for nutraceutical companies with the ability to connect to Power BI for business intelligence reporting. Stay above the curve by acquiring peak reporting capabilities with INECTA Life Sciences.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Powered by :

All of our INECTA Food verticals are powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you have Microsoft's premier ERP solution powering your industry-specific operations 24/7.

BC is a cutting-edge solution with a myriad of operating features via one convenient database. Business Central allows you to seamlessly access data in real time, so you know exactly where your business stands at any given time. Business Central can also evolve to fit your needs, whether that means you require less or more functionality, BC is in your corner every step of the way.



INECTA offers cloud-hosting that is included in the price per month and is available for full user, team licenses and device licenses. Our pricing structure allows for maximum flexibility, with packages that fit your needs.


per user

Standard functionality includes:

Team Member

per team member

For users that review specific data/reports and complete less demanding tasks that do not require full user functionality.

Device License

per device

Any number of users can access a licensed device (such as mobile scanners) without the need for separate User Subscription Licenses. 

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