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82 - Halloween Edition: Tenerife and Dynamics NAV 2018

82 - Halloween Edition: Tenerife and Dynamics NAV 2018         

Today we are going to talk about Microsoft and what they are going to do with the new version of NAV, and in order to deal with that I recruited Reagan from the Exorcist, one of my favorite movies, and she is going to help me decide for what is new in Tenerife or NAV 2018. Is it going to the cloud? Or is it going to be on-prem, what's going to happen with it? who knows?!

It is Halloween so I hope you're having fun, I got my costume and coffee mug ready, but before we go trick o treating tonight, we got to go over something that Microsoft has put in front of us, of course, NAV is evolving its a Microsoft product it has a lot of firepower behind it, we are you know changing things around, making them more modern and Microsoft is definitely making us work towards learning new things and seeing the future with them.

So basically I’ve put up here a chart of where things are going. This has been floating on the internet, you can go to blog posts by waldo, mark, other guys who are doing a great job but actually keeping up with things as they’re changing.

But what is Tenerife and what is NAV, and how this play together, obviously you know what NAV is, you wouldn't be on this video If you didn't know that but Tenerife is some other product right? well, yes and no.

Tenerife is actually in the cloud is the cloud version of NAV and it’s being developed simultaneously with NAV almost like copying or mirroring NAV in the cloud and ultimately as we see in this graph, these two products will merge. Now the question was of course, what is going to happen? are we only going to have the cloud? Or is there going to be on Prem? Or how is that going to go?

And Microsoft has been working agile on this, seeing kind of what is feasible and right now the decision is that we will have the end product of NAV and dynamics 365 merged both available on-prem and in the cloud.

And until then we will have a release of NAV 2018 which is going to come out in December and we’ll have another release in spring and then ultimately we will move towards the Tenerife to the cloud version,so if you don't have NAV today and you are considering NAV you can actually take a look at the cloud version with is dynamics 365 or you can look at the on-prem version which is NAV, and ultimately those will be the same product.

And what I'll do as far as the coffee mugs go, I’ll be looking at the new features coming to in December, very exciting to see that actually I just want to start demoing them on the coffee mug one by one, and I might actually start adding in the 365 product to just take a look at that and see how that compares to NAV on-prem and we see actually how the progress will go so you’ll probably see more of those videos coming out.

I mean if you are going to go on-prem, just jumping on NAV 2018 now that it comes out in December It’s the way to go I would say. If you are really thinking hard on the cloud. And you want to be in the cloud, take a look at dynamics 365.

One of the kind of niche things that are floating out or interesting concept is that there will be not any NAV there will be just Dynamics 365 and it’s going to be a lot of features and functionalities all tied into the Azure. You know, and the whole package for Microsoft coming together on a common data framework, so of course, I Mean that would be an absolute paradise for the IT manager and the ERP consultant and the consumer using the product.  



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