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77 - Creating Budgets from History in Dynamics NAV 2017

77 - Creating Budgets from History in Dynamics NAV 2017    

Today I want to talk about budgets again but in particular, creating budgets from history, so Obviously when you create a new budget, you might want to take actual entries from last year and use that as the base for your budget going forward, and there’s a way to do that in NAV. 

If you go here to budget, I’m going into a budget that I already created which is this one here, and I actually showing us lines, sales channel but if I just convert that here into GL accounts and take away this filter so I’m looking into all GL accounts, there is actually a way. Let me just put periods here chichi is a more formal way of looking at things.

Create a budget from history
There's a way to create a budget from history and it's now very obvious, if I go into GL balance budget over here, I get GL balances like actual balances and how much has been budgeted for each one of these you can see we don't have much budgeted here, I have some budgeted amount here for the net income which is coming from my 44050 and If I would like to copy some of the actual amounts which are these, into my budget here.

I can actually do that by going into actions, create budget from history, and from here I can say well I want to use the beginning amounts which is 01 01 18 and the beginning of the budget is 01 01 19 and we use 12 periods I’m going to actually increase it by 10% and it’s going in to CMD 2 which is the coffee mug and you see we are actually going to do it for all accounts.

I can actually filter the accounts here and o it for all accounts, actually, let me just to it for 44,000 to 445000 and hit ok. It actually goes ahead and creates the budget entries for that, now I can go back and see if updates now I can see the budgeted amounts come in, I see actual entries for the 18 and it’s actually a really neat feature and it’s kind of hidden in NAV so this is where you find it.



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