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76 - Budget by Dimension with Excel in Dynamics NAV 2017

76 - Budget by Dimension with Excel in Dynamics NAV 2017       

To keep going with analysis views and account schedules and all of those things I would like to show you how you can budget by dimension, not only budget by dimension but kind of delegate the budget in other departments, and in order to do that you should use excel or one good way to it is to use excel.

Let’s say if you have two dimensions and you want to budget 12 periods, that's like a tridimensional matrix, you want to send that out to people to actually enter in that data in excel.

So if I go in here into budgets and I go into the budget that I created, I have here the sales channel which is domestic EU and export and then I have the business groups which are home, industrial, inter company office and looking at January so I have some budgeted data here and for February I have some minimal data, so what I want to do now is send this to excel and save that in excel and I could send that to the sales department to enter in the expected revenues for each one of the months.

So I export to excel and I tell it the start date is going to be 01 01 2018, which is the demo data, the periods are going to be 12 and it's going to be 1 month and the dimensions I selected are going o be business group and sales channel, so If I hit ok it actually creates a workbook in excel that has flattened out data.

If I take a look at that, I see here I have for all of the dimensions combinations I have a line, so I have for home domestic- home export, industrial domestic - industrial export, and office domestic - office EU, so if I want to change some of the data here or enter new data for home domestic we are going to have 80,000; home export we are going to have 90,000; office domestic we are going to have 80,000 and so forth lets say I put one over here office EU is going to be 85,000. Now I finished creating my budget, I’m going to go ahead and save that, save as and I’m actually going to save it on to my one drive and called it budget 3 and now its saved.

Import from excel
Now I should be able to import this back, so the idea was that I was a salesperson entering in this data, I saved, I sent it back to accounting and accounting can import it back. So If I go in here and actually say import from excel, I can hit import entries, click budget 3 and put that in here so I have replaced it and now I have actually created a new budget to be a looked at by accounting. If I go in here and look at the next period, you can see the changes have already been made.



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