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136 -  Manufacturing Pt.1 in Dynamics NAV 2018

Manufacturing Pt.1 in Dynamics NAV 2018

We are gonna keep going on manufacturing, today I’m just gonna go a little bit slower through what I did last time, last time I created a production order, released production order just straight out of the order system, very quickly.

Manufacturing template
Now we are actually going to create the items they are going to be used to create the production order, let's go ahead and do that. We’re backtracking a little bit, here we, of course, get into our item list and I’m just going to create a new item and this is going to be a manufacturing template, so those templates come up, they are present in the system and what they basically do, is set up the posting groups, costing method and all that.

So what I’m gonna do is just have here an item called ground coffee bag, one pound. So these are one pound bags that we are gonna make. And for right now I’m gonna leave it as it is. Not going to do anything more with it.

Manufacturing item
I’m just gonna create a new one, we need the raw material so it's also a manufacturing item, this one's gonna be coffee beans, actually I just wanna go ahead and take a look at the units of measure, so sometimes that does not fill out properly, I think it's fixed in later versions, but you might have to put in the unit measure for one. Some versions actually don't fill that out, but this one does.

We have coffee bean here, so let's go ahead and create a coffee bag or the actual packaging, let's call it coffee packaging. I created basically two items that are gonna be with the raw materials and one item that's gonna be the finished script.

We got coffee bean, coffee packaging, and the actual coffee bags, and now what I wanna do is actually go into departments, manufacturing, product design, product Bill of Material, and I’m gonna create a product bill of material, so I just go in here, I get a new number call it: Ground coffee bag 1 pound, the measure I think pieces, the demo system comes with pieces so we work with pieces.

Create a unit of measure
And then we just pick the Item, so here we need the coffee beans and we are going to be using, here it's actually funny, it comes up in pieces. That's not exactly what we want, so I’m gonna quickly change that because we would want coffee beans to be in pounds, that would make more sense so the base unit of the measure lets change it to pounds and notice in the standard system I don't have punts so we just create a new one.

It's also really nice in NAV how quickly it is to create new things If you just notice that is missing just hit new; nos it is here and go into the unit of the measure, I have pound as one piece is 1. I go out and now I can go here and change this to pounds and it's a one-pound bag, so we are gonna need one.

So we also need coffee bags or packaging, we are gonna need one piece, or assuming one piece will actually fit in one bag. And now I created a production Bill of material .we could get into a little bit more details, for example, it's very unlikely that we are grinding the coffee beans we would use one pound for one pound, there is going to be scrap, we know that.

So this is where we’d put the scrap in, but I’m not gonna do that right now, this is kind of like just running through the scenario simply, so just doing one in one. Note that the status bar up here, says new. That need to be put into certified in order for this to be used. I just hit ok on that, I created a ground coffee bag.

Now there are two things that we need to get this going, there is the bill of material, Production bill of material, we just created that, we also need a routing. So let's get into the routings. In product assign, routing. Here I have just routings for bicycles, I’m gonna create a new one. Hit enter on that, and it's gonna be grinding coffee.

I’m not gonna create a machine center or anything like that; operation here, number 10; I might Pick a work center that might not be the best. I’m just gonna call it packing department. Let's say the packing department does the grinding and everything, its gonna run 20 minutes for each pound, so it's too much, maybe, let's just say it takes 10 minutes.

Now the funny thing about grinding coffee and all of that, maybe there needs to be a setup time. So notice that I’m just going to picking up a column right here, I put in run 10, but 10 what? 10 seconds? minutes, hours?. You heard me say minutes, but how do I know its minutes? So there is the unit measure time here. So for example, runtime, unit measure, let's take a look at that. One you, of course, use the system a lot, you know it’s all in minutes but you can show the column and see that it's in minutes, Its good to know that its minutes, It would be 10 hours, then it takes forever. The status is new, we certify this as well, ok.

Now we have grinding coffee, and now if I go back into my items, going to call it there. Items and I find my finish good. Coffee. I have finished good, right here, I need to actually set that up to have the production bill of material and routing, so if I go in here, I get the routing number; grinding coffee; and production bill of material which is going to be ground coffee. So now I have connected and I can say here that the replacement system is production order. Maybe now I have enough to create a production order like I did last time. Let's check it out.

Create production order
Let's go into departments > manufacturing > execution > released production orders. Create a new one, this I did In the last video but I did it for an item that is on the system already, now we are doing it for a new item and we just set up; let me just look that up here; the finished good: ground coffee. So how much do we want to make?, let's make 50 bags, I refresh the production order, go back, and here we go.

Now I go into the lines, I take a look at the components, we are gonna need 50 bags of coffee beans, 50 pieces of coffee packaging these are going to be the bags that are going to fold around it and it's gonna take us about a day to do this, which is alright and it's basically ready. I can go here into the production journal and put in the output etc. So its set up.

I hope you got something out of that, we actually just created a raw material, finish good, hooked that up to a routing and production bill of material and created a released production order, no really hard, but there are details, so maybe we’ll get into the details in the next video.



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