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108 - Dimensions, Year End 2017 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Dimensions, Year End 2017 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV           

We are talking about year end, so I was just going to discuss a little bit today about dimensions. The last video we pointed to closing of the year, we have a video on that, how to do physical inventory accounts, we have a video on that, for normal warehouses but one thing I want to talk about is Dimensions

If you are running NAV, if I go into dimensions you probably are already using dimensions, if you are using NAV chances are, and it's just a really awesome thing and you know people tend to plug it in and start using it.

So if you are wondering what dimension are, we have videos on those as well. But what happens sometimes is that you go, hey I wish I had made that dimension in here and now I don't have it, what can I do? If I start mid-year with a new dimension; here we can see the dimension that we have; the dimension is going to build up with half of the o a position of the data, no the full data for the year, so this actually might be a good time to start using a new dimension, because you'll get a full year of that dimension into the bookings.

One of the things that's kind of nice especially is that if you are categorizing things on the income statement which usually are like revenue etc, If I go here into chart of accounts and take a look at that for example, our income statement is of course above 40,000 in this case.

Here I have some net change values and when you close the year, you close offsetting entries to all of the accounts on the income statement right?, and so they all go down to 0, which means that if you introduce a new dimension, then you're gonna have that dimension clear because all of the old values have been already closed out, just to show you that in these case I’m actually using 2018 to demo and if I add a filter here on the date and put in c 12 3117, you can see that if I go into my net change its all zero, so I’m using that fictional date c 12 31 17 I can see that everything has been closed up, so nothing I happening and actually in 2018, 2017 has been closed out in the demo database.

Definitely, think about using a new dimension or introducing a new dimension and starting the year out with those dimensions, I think this is exactly the time to do it, I hope that was useful.



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