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119 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 8

Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 8   

This is a wrapping up session. I want to go over a couple of things that are fairly obvious, I know I normally don't normally go through things that are obvious or something I do.

Let's go to workflows and a couple of kind of cleanup things, first of all, if you are creating a workflow and you want to use an existing one as a template I just copy it, so you can copy actually here, or you do new workbook from a template which is even better. Then you can change that around if you don't like it, just delete it out and then at least you do not change the existing template ones.

Import and export a Workflow
Another thing that's good as well is that if you have a complicated workflow that you created, you can actually import it and export it. You can export it out of this company and import it into another company or database, you can move things around truly easily which is nice definitely.

Step instances
Finally there is something called step instances here, this is sort of an interesting table, I take a look at this is like whoa, what's going on here?, this is sort of like debugging for developers, you get into this kind of crazy environment where there is a lot of variables and stuff like that, but what it is really is that every single workflow that's going on is listed here.

If it's hanging out there waiting for a response, or something like that, then it's gonna be in here and it's gonna tell you at what stage it is. You can see here that you have workflow threads, this is the same thread, and this is all of the things happening or have happened so you see the functions here. Let me just go ahead and demonstrate this.

I’m gonna go ahead and make one sales order here, I’m gonna throw it to the cannon group again ( in know I keep using cannon group its kind of like the hello world for the NAV) The Paris chair, ( I promise to use another item one day) Here we go, I sent this for approval request has been sent, I’m gonna close this out. Yes.

Go into workflows and take a look at my sales workflow again, right here, so I have it here, and now I go into my steps and I can see here that we have created a new instance so this is the time that I just submitted it, you can see everything happened 12;44, went all the way down here and this is all this thread here you see there is a new thread, you can see that it went through a whole lot of functions in all of this.

Some are active, some are inactive, some are a response, some have been completed, you can see the entry point is here. You can see the steps are just counting all the way through here 29, 30, 31 etc. You might have to go in here and debug an approval process see where is at and trying to kind of get it out of the system. It can happen. This Is a great table for that. But it's kind of annoying to have this GU ID’s because they are really big.

Manage Flows
That was it on that, for next video I’ll probably go into flows, so what are flows?, I’ll just go here and see something called Manage Flows, so flows are connected to Azure and Microsoft wants us to connect more to Azure with everything, and so its just natural to go there and figure out what the hell is going on there, so for next video hopefully we’ll get there. Thanks for watching.



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