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131 - Time Sheets in Dynamics NAV 2018

Time Sheets in Dynamics NAV 2018

Today I’m gonna just dive into time sheets, I know it’s kind of out of the blue but the reason why I’m getting into that is because as you can see I’m here I’m logged in as the business manager, the business manager role center has a lot of new stuff although the time sheet is not new. It's relatively old, not very old but something that maybe people have not taken a look at too much. It's very interesting though.

Self-service | Time sheets
I’ve you are in the role center here, there is something called self-service, if I go into that what that is is basically the timesheets. The idea here is that if you are working for a company and you need to record your time on projects or things like that, you can do that in here. So if I go in here and say hey, create timesheets. Let me hit ok in here, nothing happens, so it's not set up. So if you go into the Cronus database and try this, just nothing happens. That's often the case of many features. And then you go, hmmm, so what can I do to actually get this going?

First of all, you need to make yourself a timesheet manager so, if I go into users, I’m just gonna go into setting this up. There is something called timesheet admin, so I’m logged in as demo and I’ve flagged myself as the timesheet admin, so you got to do that in order to create the timesheets so remember to flag yourself in the user setup. That’s first.

Second, timesheet works on resources, so if I go into resources and; I am gonna pretend to be Mark today; so if I go into Marks card, I can see here, used timesheet, so that resource uses timesheet, I’m gonna check that off and then I'm gonna have to say who is the owner, so this is really connecting the loggin to the resource, so I’m gonna just say, demo is the owner, and then who is the approver?, I’m actually going to approve myself, so I just put demo.

But there is an approval process to the timesheets. You fill them out, and then you have to submit them for approval and then they get approved, then posted. So this is how you kind of get things going. If I go back to my role center and go back into sales service and now create timesheet. Let's see if that works. Yei!, we got one, so that's the setup part. Now we have a timesheet, let's take a look at what that is.

I go in here and basically, I have a schedule, it was a schedule for this resource that says I have an eight hour day for all the weekdays. So 40 hour week, pretty standard. In order to log in time, I can just go in here and say type. This is where things get pretty interesting. Normally in whenever you are collecting time, you can only put the time based on maybe a job or something like that, But NAV actually can make use of time collected in many ways.

That's why this comes up here, first of all, you can just book the time on the resource mark. Nothing happens in the system except gets booked on to the resource card. And here I can just say, making coffee. Of course sept 4 hours on that on Monday. A lot of coffee. So another one that I can do is say, hey ok, now this one is going to apply for a job. Which job?, I’m gonna look at the jobs.

Go into the conference room set up, find the task number here, now I get into the job tasks, meeting with the customer and then I have a work type here, this can actually indicate what the price or cost of that activity is. In here I think in demo we just have miles, so of course, miles could be one if you are driving around, but here you can have lists of all kinds of different work types. Just gonna leave that empty for now.

Met with the customer, that was four hours on tuesday, let's take a look at more service if we have service order in here, and we are repairing a computer or something, we can also log time on that. This is kind of cool because NAV has all of these systems built in, jobs, services, and the timesheet will just connect to whatever you want to connect to. And finally we have absence, I was sick, and then last is the assembly order, did I work on an assembly order?.

Here I actually get an error, and I didn’t really investigate why this comes up. But it doesn’t like assembly orders to be inputted here for some reason, I thought having an assembly order here would be really nice, but no. So maybe there is another way to actually lock the time with the assembly order. I might actually investigate that further. But all the other stuff is very cool and definitely worth looking into.

So now what you do with this once you’ve filled it out, you can see the total hours that you've put in for the week. You can submit it, then it goes for approval and post. I think that is pretty straightforward, I can copy and create lines for job planning as well. So like making sure that you, you know, do the same thing as was planned, in the job planning. You can just type in the hours. Etc. So it's pretty useful. Definitely can be extended as well, but we have ir here, so. Hope you got something out of this. 



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