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Business Central: Substitutions for Production, Pt.4, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central: Substitutions for Production, Pt.4, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Today I’m going to keep going on production, we are actually going to look at substitutions, which is an important piece in production. Right now, what I have here two items. There are ingredients. One of them is standard coffee beans and then we have Costa Rican coffee beans there are more specific.

If I go into the Costa Rican coffee beans, I want to say that they are interchangeable with the standard coffee beans. I go into the navigator right here, go into substitutions, I can actually pick a substitution coffee bean for the Cota Rican coffee beans and I can check off that they are interchangeable, which means that I can go both ways, If one is an ingredient, I can switch them with the other, it doesn’t matter which way I go.

Production orders
If I come out of here and actually go into production orders, released production orders. And I create a new one. I’m going to create the ground coffee production order, I’m going to make 100 pounds and then just hit refresh. You guys should be familiar with because we’ve done that a couple of times.

Now I have ground coffee here as a final output for a 100 pounds, if I go into the line and go into components, I can see that we have the standard coffee beans anas the ingredients. And let's say I don’t have the standard coffee beans, I only have the Costa Rican coffee beans, I see here that substitution is available.

Item substitution
I can go into actions, actually, into navigate right here and say select item substitution. I get a list of everything that I can substitute it with, I’ll pick the Costa Rican coffee beans, hit ok and now that has been replaced. Now I can consume the Costa Rican coffee beans instead of the standard beans, obviously, the cost might be different, so the cost of the whole production order might go up or down. Probably up in this case but it's going to be fine with consuming that item.



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