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Business Central: Production, Pt.3, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central: Production, Pt.3, Microsoft Dynamics 365

What we had done before, we created two items, one is the ingredient which is coffee beans, and the other one is the output which is ground coffee. What I’m going to do is highlight a cool feature. If we go into released production orders, I had created some last time, right here. And if I go into ground coffee into the line and components, we need the coffee beans. I need 88 of those, I don’t know if I have enough. I think I am short. here is a lot of ways to calculate the need to supply the coffee beans that I need to make this. One of them is cool.

I go into navigate and hit planning, then I get this screen over here, I hit calculate plan and it tells me what I need. Here I have this production order, it is for the ground coffee and this production order needs 50 pounds. So I have some pounds already, and the system is saying that I need 50.

Item vendor catalog
I go ahead here and say, Ok so we are going to buy from this vendor, notice this is the item vendor catalog its a list of vendors that supply this item, you can set that up on the item card. In this case, I have just one vendor, let's pick that one. I can say here I want to buy maybe 100. So, I want to be more than safe in this. We are going to buy 100 even though we only need 50. Then I just hit make the order and this brings up a similar screen as the acquisition worksheet, so we are making orders for the active order, which is the order I just came from, we are going to make a purchase order.

If we needed to make something, actually we would have created production orders, transfer orders or assemble something, assemble orders, so it's all the supply elements, something that creates inventory for this production order, in this case, it's just going to be a purchase order. Hit ok, Now I just close and if I close out this and close out the production orders and go back to my home screen, I can go back into purchase orders and I can see that Fabrikam has a purchase order, if I click into that, we have the coffee bean 100.

From the production order, I generated a purchase order to supply the demand, this is kind of an easy way to get the demand in there. There I also a planning worksheet, which I might touch on next time.



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