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137 - Launch of Microsoft Business Central

Launch of Microsoft Business Central 

We have business central, out. Yei!, so brand new product from Microsoft, its actually NAV in the cloud, with a new look, all the features. You can now buy it through Microsoft, actually, you can buy it through Inecta. Basically, log on to iNECTA, or send us an email and you can get going on this. It's actually a really nice product, as you can see it looks very different at the NAV that we are used to on first look. But if you go through it you can see that the menus are just the same.

I’m now logged in, this is the business manager role center and you basically have the actions over here, we are used to the actions being next to the tiles, there are a little bit above here.

There is something called insights that are coming through here, you can see it's taking through different things, telling us things about the system. See KPI’s like sales and overdue invoices, etc. Here you get into the standard tile.

And here you have of course power BI stuff and it's really cool. You can get the shade now. Now what happens if I click on that for example?, I get straight into the detail. It's kind of cool, I definitely like it, we are going to be diving into this a lot. The great thing about this is that you can do everything that you can do with NAV in here, it's basically NAV in the cloud, you can also modify it, so it can be changed around.

So it has everything, and then to get going all you have to do is log in, sign up for it, monthly subscription, trials and just get going.

It’s really that simple so its groundbreaking, we are really excited here at iNECTA and I'll be going through this, more and more with further videos so stay tuned.



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