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26 - Using Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Using Notifications in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016              

Welcome to The Coffee Mug Tutorials. What I wanted to show today is how we can use notifications inside NAV. This is a really simple thing but there are two sort of very cool things that I’m going to use how it can be very helpful in some scenarios.

So I’m logged in as ‘demo’. Apparently our system administrator doesn’t want to give us real names in case we’re no longer working here and somebody else comes in then he doesn’t have to do anything but normally we would have our own name here. So I am ‘Demo’ and what I wanted to do is create a notification to another user that’s ‘Demo 2’. And this is regarding a Sales Order.

Create a Sales Order
So I’m going to go in here and quickly create a Sales Order.

(Click image to view larger version)

And I’m just going to create it to The Cannon Group.

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I get a warning that it’s overdue, no problem. We’re going to sell the standard coffee mug; he’s getting 100 pieces; we don’t have it but that’s ok; each one is going to be $10, these are really nice ones.

(Click image to view larger version)

Adding and Sending the Notification
But I have a notification that I want to send to user Demo 2. I want them to know something about this order. I’m not going to send them an email; I’m actually going to send him a notification here inside the order so I can hit “Click here to create a new note.”

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It’s all the way at the bottom here in the fast tab and I want to tell Demo 2: ‘Please follow up on this order, he might want to add some more things to it’.

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Since I’m going to be off tomorrow I want Demo 2 to actually check in on that order and call. So here I can actually say To, I can select ‘Demo 2’ and I can say Notify and then just Save.

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Now I’ve actually created a message to Demo 2 about this order and also created a message on this order – so two things at the same time. So it’s a little bit better than just emailing.

Viewing the Notification
Now how does this look to Demo 2? Now normally in NAV we cannot login except whoever is logged in on the computer so I can only log in as my Windows user and I would have to log out of this session, out of Windows and log back in as a different user to show you how Demo 2 sees his screen.

Now there is a trick you can do which saves you the hassle of actually going through all of that.

I can go into the Windows key to go into all of my applications. I can right click on Dynamics NAV; I can hit Run as a Different User.

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Now when NAV opens up, I can say this is running up as Demo 2, put in the password for Demo 2 which I know – he gave it to me during lunch time.

(Click image to view larger version)

And then I’m opening up the system and now I’ve actually opened it up as Demo 2 which is really handy.

(Click image to view larger version)

Now I can actually go in here to my homescreen, or Demo 2’s homescreen and look at my notifications and you can see right here that Demo 2 has a notification from Demo. ‘Please follow up on this order…might want to add something more’. I can double click on this.

(Click image to view larger version)

That brings up the sales order with the message so this is how you can communicate within the ERP without going through any outside communication tool like the phone or email or anything else.

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