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159 - Outlook Integration Pt.2 in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Outlook Integration Pt. 2 in Microsoft D365 Business Central

We are going to keep going with Outlook integration with Business Central, I did a previous video where I kind of touched the very surface of Business Central and Outlook, but now I'm going to do something that is very practical.

If I go here into customers in Business Central, in the Adatum corporation, I'm going to go into customer contact and take a look at the contacts. Notice here I've added myself as a contact. So right now, I'm working for Adatum. Since I'm a contact, my salesperson is Paul, If I actually look at Paul's inbox in Office 365, I've sent from my email to Paul a request for quote.

Here in the headline Quote, please send me a quote for the Paris Chair. And if I click on that, I actually get a little icon here, so it's Business Central, if I click on Business Central, it will identify where the email is coming from, it's coming from the Adatum corporation because I was a contact there and it brings us all the information regarding the Adatum corporation, so this is really cool.

Here you can see year to date sales, you can see the balance if there is any past due. Anything inside the email, above the information here. There is no past due, this is a good customer, so we want to go ahead and create a quote. How do I do that? let's send a quote for the parish chair, I just go into new sales quote, right here, and it actually suggests a line, the Parish Guest chair, because it figured out of the line here, that this was the item that I probably want.

Let's say I want three and just hit ok, three chairs if I put in here, probably send quote for 3 Paris chairs, maybe it would have automatically picked that. Now I have a sales quote right here and I can finalize everything that I need for that sales quote.

I can just hit here as well and say send by email and I get a new email with the quote and it's sent to Johannes, so I can just open it up a little bit. I go ahead and edit this, here I have a PDF of the quote and actually fill in hello Adatum corporation, thank you for Business, the quote is attached to the message, you are eligible for a 2% discount and let's say this one is a Yankee fan so let's say go Yankees. Now I can just go ahead and send the quote to Johannes. That was pretty amazing, right? that's what I call an ice integration to Outlook. Alright, I hope you got something out of this, it's really fancy bells and whistles over here.



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