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Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create a Purchase Order

Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create a Purchase Order

Today we are going to talk about Purchase orders, here is a scenario. I got some demand for the coffee mugs and I had a few laying at my office, but I need to go out and buy a box. So, what we need to do is a purchase order for a box of coffee mugs. Let's go ahead and see how that works in the system.  

Let’s talk a little bit about units of measure when you get into the business central application and you set up an item, you must define at least one unit of measure for the item. We’ve set up pieces as a unit of measure which defines 1. 1 piece is what we call 1 coffee cup, you can also call it itches.  That is a requirement you must have one-unit measure and that is the base unit measure. Normally this would be the smallest unit you sell a product in. If you never break a box, you always sell it buy the box, then your base unit of measure your 1 is going to be a box. I this case we sell a piece or 1 coffee cup. So, our small unit of measure is Pieces.   

Units of measure 
We could also define a box. I was just buying a box, this is what we are going to do when we get into the application, we are going to create another unit of measure which a Box and a box contain 20 pieces, so that’s how it relates to pieces. You set up another unit of measure for box and I can even take it further and I can create a pallet, in these case 1 pallet has 10 boxes so its 200 pieces, Notice that I’m always relating the unit of measure that I add to the base unit of measure which is the first one, which is defined as 1. I hope that clarified Units of measure.  

I’m going to go into items, into the Inecta coffee mug and I look at the base unit of measure here that is pieces, I want to add another unit of measure. I go into navigate, units of measure and I get the lists of units of measure and the highlighted one is the base unit of measure and that is 1 piece. You can see down here that it's saying the base unit of measure is pieces. If I add a new one I can just click here, add box and 20. Now I’ve created a 2nd unit of measure and create 20 pieces that is a box. I close this out and now I have two units of measures of rate Inecta coffee cup.

Create a Purchase Order
Now I’m going to go into the purchase order and create one to the Fabrikam. Now there is one technical thing that we have to do, In the base product for Microsoft, the unit of measure is not an option on the purchase order so, we need to show that, in order to show that we go up here into personalize and it gets into a personalization mode, I then click on this list here, which allows me to add a field, so I click more, add field and then I get a list of all fields that are hidden over here, so I can just scroll down a little bit and find my unit of measure. Unit of measure code, I pull it an put it right here, I hit done.   

I’m going to get from Fabrikam the product, the Inecta coffee cup and here I see it automatically goes into the base unit of measure, pieces, and I switch that to box and I got one box, I paid $ 50, got a great deal on this one and that’s it. I created a purchase order. They actually give me the invoice number right away and the invoice number is ABC12345. Coincidentally I’m very lucky with this number and I have to fill that out before I can post the receipt and the invoice, So that is in here and you can see the red star highlighting that’s what you have to do. Then I just hit post, receive an invoice and the product gets posted.   

Now its moved into posted purchase invoices, I can click yes to see the posted purchase invoice, it looks great, I go ahead and close it. Look at my items and I can see we have 20 pieces. I got 1 box but the system will display this list here in the base unit of measure. And that how you receive in add different unit of measure a purchase order in Business Central.



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