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113 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 2

Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 2           

We are going to continue on approvals in this particular video, I left a couple of videos a weeks ago on the first approval video and then we went to finish up year-end, what's new in 2018 and CRM and no we’re gonna keep going on approvals so, ok. What's going on with approvals?

Approval is a big topic, what I showed you before was the standard approval between 2 people where one person submits an approval to another and the other or that person actually approves it. So let's go ahead and dive a little bit into this.

Set up Approval
Right now I’m logged in here as demo, you can see it over here. And I’m just gonna pull up the approval setup and approval user setup which is this table here, just to explain to you other than whats going on with approvals, when you set up approvals the system will look to this approval user setup table to understand the approval flow and it's fairly simple how it works, basically you have the users over here and I get three users, I get demo, Paul, and Yoko; Paul and Yoko are a beatles references, this is Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono, so Anyways;

In this case Paul is sending an approval the approver for Paul is demo up here and Paul does not have any limits or anything so he cannot approve anything, everything has to go to the approver which is demo and once it gets to demo, demo has unlimited sales approval, unlimited purchase approval, unlimited request approval and it's also an approver administrator.

And we’ll go into that in a separate video on what this all means, and you saw in the last video how the interaction between demo and Paul was, Paul, submitted a sales order, it went to demo, demo take a look at it, approved it and that was it.

Delegate - substitute approver
What I wanna go through now is sort of the next variant of this. Paul is gonna send a sales order for an approval, it goes to demo but demo is busy and will like to delegate this to a substitute, so I specified the substitute approver or Demo is Yoko, Yoko will take a look at it and probably approve it. This is an interaction between the entities in the approval chain, I’m gonna go ahead and start this.

I’ll start by loggin in here as Paul, you can see in the corner I’m Paul I just go into sales order to create a new one, like so, hit new, and we’ll create one to the cannon group, and we are gonna sell the Paris chair again;I really like Paris great city; alright ten of those, I’m gonna finish this and send an approval request.

So know we are gonna go, and I’m gonna exit here and I go into demo so it went to demo and If I go into my demo screen now you can see I’m logged in as Demo I have request to approve here, this is the same as we did before, actually an interesting note, you are gonna see this between Yoko, and demo.

I’m logged in as business manager which is kind of like a 2018-ish role center and I has a really nice screen here request to approve where it's kind of put together in a concise manner what needs to get approved and I can approve here. So if I go to the other side to Yoko, you can see that her role center is not as neat as thins and obviously you can pick and choose the tiles you want in your implementation.

But in this case, I’m gonna go ahead and delegate before I approved it, but that was that taste now I’m gonna do something different, it's a different video, So I’m gonna delegate it. The selected the approval request has been delegated, that means that it went to the substitute.

It's gone , its still not approved but it went to Yoko Ono, so I’m gonna go over here, Yoko is an accounting manager in our demo, so right now you can see I’m logged in as yoko, and now I have here, sales order pending approval and you a look at this screen is far different from the other screen I looked at before, I don't like this as much because up here I dont have a good way to approve or reject or delegate right up this screen, I actually have to go to view, to view the order.

Alright but their order is here so, I go and view it, take a look at it, it's fine, in this case I’m going to approve it and now its approved, and now Paul can keep going and actually finish his job with that order, so this was an example of how you can delegate things in the standard sales order approval and I hope that was helpful, now you know what substitute means and what delegate means.



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