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91 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2017

91 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2017

Welcome to the coffee mug tutorial we’ve been going on many things, I hope you have seen or noticed if you have been following the coffee mug tutorial. That we are diving a little bit deeper into each topic. In the beginning, we use to kind of give you an idea of what's there in NAV, now we actually want to move forward into the topic so that you get a full understanding of the module, so what we want to get into today is the CRM system inside NAV:

Microsoft has 2 CRM systems, actually many, but they have their own called Dynamic CRM, but today I’m going to talk about a CRM system inside NAV. NAV has had a CRM system in very early on, even before dynamics CRM and we were wondering what Microsoft was going to do with that since NAV connects to Dynamics CRM and Microsoft actually kept going with the NAV CRM, and is advancing it.

So it seems to be that those CRM systems are going to be out there and it's just gonna be an option for you to pick which one will work better and I think it's a really good idea to understand what you are going to have in your package before you actually add on another package. Let's dive a little into that.

If I go here into customers and take a look at the Cannon Group, if you are working with ERP system, many of them do not have a CRM system inside. So they’ll have maybe one or two fields here, contact one and contact 2 and you can put in contact names. But NAV since it has a built-in CRM system.

Contacts connected to a customer
Is actually has a table behind, so if I hit contact I get a list of contacts that are connected to the customer, this could be any number of contacts, here you could have the AP contacts you could have many salespeople you deal with within the organization so, you can actually do this not only with customer but you can do it with vendors and banks.

In here if I take a look at a particular person like Stephanie, you say edit down here, and we can see a lot of information about Stephanie, we can see the address email, mobile phone number, and show the address on the map, and we can also see a profile and this profile is usually generated so you can actually generate the questionnaire yourself.

We can see that she's analytical, she likes the theater, outdoor activities, tennis, golf and she’s a female, we should have been able to tell that by the name but if we couldn't, here is a confirmation. Not only is this important for that purpose, but it's also important if you want two mailing lists and you want to target a certain female or male category. So this is really handy and this is kind of just the tip of the iceberg for CRM, or what the capabilities are inside NAV, as you can see over here we have something called opportunities which I’ll go into later and we have segments, interactions, all of that.

Create new contact
Just to show you I’m gonna create a new contact in here, This is gonna be John Malloy and he is not a company, he is actually a person, so I select a person; If I were creating a new contact as company, I would have here company and types of company in the customer list; This is gonna be in the cannon group.

The salesperson is gonna be Peter Shadow so, that automatically comes from the cannon group since they are tied together. Now here in the profile questionnaire, I can actually go into navigate, profiles, and I gent the questionnaire. I can just say here that he is a Males, likes football, golf, and tennis, he is married and has a masters.

Now we have all of that in here and we got a new contact. I hit ok, we can see the new contact here underneath the Cannon group and we are ready to use the contact.

As I said this will be the first video in the series, we are gonna dive deeper into what we can do with the CRM.



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