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122 - Dynamics NAV Bootcamp: Live Training in NYC

Dynamics NAV Bootcamp : Live training in NYC

I am actually going to advertise, but sometimes I have to say quick things about our company iNECTA. And these are actually pretty good for everyone who is watching this videos because it has to do with learning, so Inecta university, which is a portion iNECTA, it's a part of what we do, is going to have a Bootcamp, its a dynamics NAV Bootcamp with the title dive deep and wide.

Ok, I didn't come up with that, but we are going to dive deep into subjects and then wide into like things around them. Anyways it’s happening April 30th till May 3rd it's in New York City, this is actually a slide from the training that we did a while back.

Here we go, we are learning the fundamentals and going through sales, purchasing, inventory management, basic accounting and stuff like that, it's intense you are gonna learn a lot there, it's gonna be great.

It's about all versions, all the way up to 2018 or if you are not using NAV, you can still go there and learn about NAV. It's not like you have to be using NAV right now or if you've been using it for a long time you can go in and actually get more burst with deeper things, so its pretty open the audience.

In the video's description, this video, there is going to be a link so go ahead and click on that link if you are interested in this, you can sign up. There is early bird pricing so its cheaper for people who actually go and register now, then it gets more expensive. It might actually fill up so I would actually check on it.

I hope you jump on this opportunity and learn some NAV actually in a classroom setting.



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