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88 - Recurring Purchase Invoices in Dynamics NAV 2017

88 - Recurring Purchase Invoices in Dynamics NAV 2017     

I did get a request to show something on the purchase invoice, and the problem is we are gonna have this imaginary problem at the coffee mug international as well, we are buying always the same thing, over and over again through the same vendor and the question is how can we make this an easy process?

Purchase invoice
So, I’m gonna jump in here and just talk about purchase invoice on a particular feature of the purchase invoice. If I go in here into purchase invoice and in this case we’re always buying coffee beans from the American wood exports yeah they have a side business and sells coffee goods and we’re buying the standard coffee mug so, I don't what to type that in every single month or week that I need to buy it from them. I just want to sort of pop in.

This is one way we can do it, If I go here into new and into the purchase invoice, I’m actually just gonna start one for the american wood exports here and if I take a look at this up here in actions we have something called get your purchase lines this is a really handy tool I don't know if you have ever used it or notices it but it's there so, If I go in here I can actually set up your vendor purchase codes for this vendor, and I’m just gonna create a new one and create a new purchase code.

So for the standard stuff I’m getting from this vendor just throw it in here, I can actually go into the cart an I get a header line, and so here I could say well I always buy the standard coffee mug. I think we have the 61 being the coffee beans and 62 being the french roast beans, well we always get 50 mugs, 50 bags. Let's say ok.

So you notice now that it actually automatically populated. So all I had to do was get recurring purchase lines so, for the next lines I just go up here and get recurring purchase lines and just show this again so we have it all the way from the beginning let's say I have nothing here, get recurring purchase lines, go to my stuff hit ok, and it's there.

You can set up stuff and stuff and have the quantities there and the items that you are buying or GL account for any costs and stuff like that, I could be set up as well, now what about if we want to set up a price?

Notice that I didn't set up the prices and it’s probably picking up the direct cost to the vendor from the card, well if I go in here and take a look at my stuff I can show column right here and you can actually add unit of measure, you can add amount excluding the tax and you have also the dimensions here, variants, so you can definitely put in more things on the line, So that things work out for you.

I hope this was educational, this is a little-hidden feature, I don't think many people are using this a lot but it's definitely very useful and probably more people could use it.       



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