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150 - Personalize your view in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Personalize your view in Microsoft D365 Business Central

 Today I'm going to go through personalizing Business Central. Business Central can be modified, you can modify almost anything in it but of course, you need to be a developer to do serious stuff but to personalize your view, you can actually do that yourself.

Personalize view
I'm going to go ahead and show you how that is done. One of the thins for example in the Chart of accounts that I always thought was interesting is that there are a bunch of fields here that you don't need to see, and I would like to have the amounts closer to the actual description of the accounts.

So, let me go ahead and show you how we can do that. If we go up here into personalize the system enters a sort of a development mode or a customization mode. I can change things around here, so, like this field, I don’t want to see. I can just hide it. Let's say the net change I want to move over here and the Balance I want to move over here and then we will leave the rest.

This is in my mind more readable, so I have it closer to each other. And you can hide all of this. Let me just go ahead and do that, because it actually looks much better. Because we know what is totaling and we can go to the detail of the account to see the totals but it's obvious on the list.

Here we have a simple chart of accounts with the number, descriptions, net change and balance. So, once we are done, we hit done and now its saved. I made that change. We can do that obviously with anything else, I can go into customers and I can change the way that looks as well by going into the list here and then go up and say personalize. Like for example on a whole lot of people would like to see the CFDI purpose. I'm not sure why that comes standard and we definitely want to hide that.

Freeze pane 
It's easy to tailor around, you can create free space where you are scrolling and some of the columns stay firm and the other move. Like I go here and say freeze pane and then that would work like that if I had a longer list. A lot of things can be done with customizations just like that, it's very easy, just go in there, customize, save and you are done. It works with the user so its user-based. 



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