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135 -  How to Easily Create a Production Order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

How to Easily Create a Production Order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I wanna go through manufacturing, were just talking about the differences between assembly orders and production orders in NAV, there are some big differences there but one thing maybe people who just started to use manufacturing and its probably looks like it's something quite bit to get into it.

For example here if I go into departments and there is this whole area manufacturing and goes into capacity planning, product development all of these things and there are so many aspects, it can be very complicated but it doesn't have to be. You just start jumping into the easiest things so, for example, creating a production order consuming and outputting on it okay, it’s not hard to do that in NAV. actually, it's not, I'm gonna show you the shortest path to that today.

If I go into manufacturing and execution, so we get a list of things like planned production orders, firm planned production orders, release production orders. Forget about the plan, forget about firm plans. We are not gonna talk about that right now, just go straight into released.

Release production orders
Released is the one that is in action, you are gonna be interacting with that one, you know consuming outputting all that so. Just forget about the other ones for now. For here to release production orders, this company does bicycles and loudspeakers, we’ll take that, and create a production order for a bicycle. How do we do that?

Do new, and I am not creating a new bill of material or anything like that, I’m just using an existing bill of material in the demo system, bicycle. Hit enter and I get a new number here and so it asks us various questions here on top, just go straight into the source, what we are actually going to make.

So we are gonna make my bicycle, how many?, I'd say 500, so that fill isn't everything else, 500 bicycles, forget about assigning it, all of that. Then just go to refresh production order up here, click on that and I want everything to be calculated back.
I want to calculate the lines, the routings company need, all that.

Fine, here okay, and I have a line here, it calculated, It's gonna take me two, three months almost to make 500 bicycles, it's a long time to make a bicycle, but anyways its all in here. If I go into the line now and to components, I see the component need, we need 500 of each one of these, so it's all one I guess that' is used.

I can also go into the routings and I can see it goes through the wheel chain final and control and here its calculated time and actually it's serial, so it starts with wheel assembly, ends and goes into chain assembly and then you know though Christmas and over new years and in to the new year we finally have 500 bicycles. It's a demo so don't knock me, and so this is ready this production order. How do we interact with its, let's get into that.

Interact with the production order
I can go into line production journal, this is the simplest way to interact with the production order, you go right into it, you go into the production order right here, it's basically saying, ok. You care about two things only. I care about how much I used and how much I output. So lets say its suggesting of course that I use 500 for each and I can change that, I can say that I use more and I can also type in the type, so let's say for example I’m just starting, I used five front wheels, five of each, so I’m just gonna f8 it down; people don't know f8 will copy above; and here we actually output it five.

I can also type in the time it took me, actually over here, time fifty. That's very quick. I can put in the scrap quantity etc. and then I can just post. Rich here, post journal, yes, successfully posted, and then if I go back. I am now finished five, I have interacted with this production order, I can also go into statistics and see that the actual cost is now 1600 of material that I use, capacity cost, with can see the fifty minutes that were sixty dollars and the total cost is this, the variance is still off because I haven't finished my five hundred, so this production order is in action.

So I can keep just inputting and posting there, it will post everything in the back end on the account and everything and then finally just finish it and then it completes the production order. Puts it into finished and you are done.

So we wanna get quickly up and running on manufacturing? is not really that hard, I’m gonna go into a little bit creating our own billing material, our own routings next one, still trying to keep it simple and throw out this again with our own product. But for now, I hope you got something out of this.



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