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35B - Manufacturing Part 2 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Manufacturing Part 2 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016                        

What I wanted to go through today is kind of the next video after Manufacturing 1.

In Manufacturing 1, I actually created a finished good, created a production Bill of Material and routing.

I then attached those both to the Finished Good. Then I put that Finished Good on a Production Order, a Released Production Order, and refreshed it.

So a Production Order by itself doesn’t do much just basically setting it up just like a Sales Order. However, you need to interact with it to have something happen within the system. So that’s what we are going to do now in this video.

View Released Production Order
So I’ll go into the Released Production Order.

And over here I can see my Production Order that I created previously for 50 pounds of coffee. 

So I go to Line > Components.

Now we are grinding it and bagging it and we know that we are going to need 50 bags and 50 pounds of beans.

Now a simple way to interact with this order is to actually go here into Line > Production Journal.

This is sort of a simplified version of the Consumption and Output. It actually brings the Consumption and Output into one screen where you can log in what happened and post.

This works well let’s say, for example, you get like paperwork from the floor of what happened and you just go to your workstation and you actually set things up, or log them in and then post.

If you need things automatically tracked on the floor, then the Journals are better. I’ll go through that in a later video.

But in here I can say well we actually did use 52 and 55. 52 bags, 55 pounds of beans and it did result in 50 bags of Finished Good and we are done. So I check this off.

Setup Time and Run Time
In order to post this obviously I have to post it into the right period.

Let’s say the Setup time was only 5 minutes but we did Run I think it was 30 minutes for 50. I’d say we were a little bit quicker than that, I’m actually going to have the math done right here. It’s a little trick you can do in NAV you can do Formula Inset Field, so 2400 minutes.

Ok, and then I just go ahead and say Post.

Yes, and now they are successfully posted and I can go out and hit Statistics.

View Statistics
I can see that the expected cost was 50 and the actual cost was 81. That’s just based on the raw material that was in stock. I didn’t cost any thing out in capacity so that didn’t come out at all.

View Item Ledger Entries
We can also take a look at the Item Ledger Entries.

I can see here that they used 50 and 2 of the bags. They used 50 and 5 of the beans. Then outputted 50. 

So now there is 50 coming of the finished product and now we can go ahead and sell that or move it around or do whatever. So the inventory has been properly relieved.

Now if this is finished, the actual production order is done.

Update Status to Finished
We can change the status to Finished. 

I can just go ahead and hit here I can check Update the Unit Cost and check Finished. 

It’s finished and it’s moved out of this screen, and this is how we basically took out inventory for the raw material, logged in capacity and logged an output for a Finished Good of a Released Production Order.



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