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Business Central Production Status: Pt.13 of Production in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central Production Status: Pt.13 of Production in Microsoft Dynamics 365

We did touch on that topic before and actually, I had a question on the comments regarding the status on the production order. So, if I just search for production orders, I get all types of production orders, so there are several. As you can see here we have simulated, which is sort of the first one. I’m going to explain this just to kind of rattle it of.   

Simulated Status 
Simulated basically means that you can create a production order that has no effect on the demand an supply system, you are basically testing it out. Its great when you want to know how much material requirement goes into making 1000 of the finished good, how long will it take potentially, how much will it cost? so you can play around with production orders in the simulated area and it doesn't really have an effect on the system  

Planned Status 
We have something called Planned production orders and firm plant production order. The difference between those. The planned one means is we know that we have to make this, but we were kind of unsure about the exact time, we can move it around a little bit.  The demand is going to fulfill a demand and obviously, it has to be done by a certain day. But it could have been done or started much earlier than the due date for example, so it can be moved around.  

Firm Planned 
Firm planned means we know we need to do this, we have fixed the date and time to do it, however, it hasn’t started yet. It's just sitting out there and we haven't released it to the floor.  

Released Production orders 
We have released production orders, they basically are the production orders we have released to the floor and its ok to start, so basically those are the ones we are acting upon. And if you don’t want to do statuses, just go straight into released, just create released production orders.  It's just kind of the simplification if you want to take off the status.   

Finished Production Orders 
Finally, we have finished, means we are done, there is no more posting happening on the production order, it's finished, we have outputted everything, we have consumed everything we want to consume and that is it.   

These are pretty important if, for example, I go into planned, I create a new one here, just hit enter, we just keep going with the ground coffee. We are going to do 500, you can see that planned production order workes exactly like released production order, However, we are not going to start working on it right now.  

You can see here that I can't get into my production journal, I can calculate everything but there is no production journal because I can't start posting towards this. It's not released yer. Its just sitting there, starting time, the ending time is going to be 4/6. This might change and that's it. Let's say we want to upgrade this to a firm plan, now we are sure we want to do this. We can change status here and move it to a firm plan. Now this time is for sure, we are definitely going to do it at that time or go straight into release, release into the floor.  

 Similarly, we can do this with firm planned, we can move it to release and then we can move released to finish when we are done. And that basically is in essence how it works.   

 If I go into the simulated, you notice, I didn’t have any options for the simulated, I go into simulated production orders. Create a new one. This will have no effect on the system, so again if I just picked up my ground coffee here and do 500, just do a refresh. It does the calculation for me, but it's just not going to go into for example, like now if this was a firm plan planned, or released.

The system will notice that there are 500 coming and now in the supply-demand calculations it will expect 500. Since this is a simulation order it will not. You won't get anything, it will just hang out there for just demo purposed, so to speak.  An interesting one, if I go here and say change status. I could actually push this into a firm plan. Which is interesting. So if I simulate an order and just like its, its fine. I can get it going, can't put it into planning, which is odd.   

This was on the different statuses of production order, you can just see that there is kind of classifications and you can just move them into each other's bucket and push them along until they get into released and then to finished and then you are done. That is pretty much in essence how it works.  



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