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65 - Role Center Charts in Dynamics NAV 2017 - Part 7

Role Center Charts in Dynamics NAV 2017 - Part 7      

Today I’m going to keep talking about charts, It’s starting to become a little bit of an obsession for me. I started working on the charts, in the role center, setting them up, configuring them, and then I just started feeding more. It’s a pretty big topic. How you can visualize stuff on NAV and you have lots of options, and some are better for certain instances, some are not.

I went over the standard charts in NAV and also the generic charts that are offered. And I thought I had covered most of the standard charters but in the In the Project Manager Role, there are some standard charts that I want to highlight today just so that I have a complete picture. 

If you go in here on the project manager role center and in to customize this page, you will see that you have these charts over here:Job Profitability, Job Actual price to budget, Job Actual cost to budget, and I’m actually going to remove the other charts that are currently on the role center that I did in the previous video. And Hit ok

Now you can see that these charts come up, now if you are just entering the system and you add these chart parts, even though there is some data in your system, they come up blank this was is kind of frustrating, I couldn't find any way to actually select the chart here, or I didn't know why they came up black I couldn't right click, so I asked my team about this and one of my colleagues, gave me a great answer, He actually found the problem for me. And what it is is you actually have to go into jobs, and into one of the jobs, these are just standard Cronus jobs here, and I have to select myself as the project manager, If I do that and hit ok here, and I go back to the role center, now everything populates.

So it only shows information for the project you are a project manager for. A little bit of detail there, It was a little bit hard to find, but it's important otherwise you are just not gonna get any data in here, and obviously I am a project manager according to my role and I should be a project manager of some of the jobs.

Now, these charts go into profitability of a job, cost to budget and price to budget etc, but they do not go into any type of detail, like I can actually filter a particular job may be for a particular period, but I can't list a period on the x-axis which would be nice, So these are fairly limited. But I thought it was important to cover them because they do exist and are available for you to use, so I hope you learned something on this one.       



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