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Business Central Backward Flushing Method: Pt.12  of Production in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central Backward Flushing Method: Pt.12 of Production in Microsoft Dynamics 365

If we go into released production orders, go ahead and create a new one. The topic I want that I want to talk about today is flushing, not flushing the toilet, but manufacturing flushing.

Manufacturing flushing
If I go in here, the standard ground coffee we are going to create 500 and I just refresh it like we've don’t 100 times, everyone should be able to do this in their sleep.

We have now a released production order set to go, if I go into components, there is a column here called flushing method, The options here are manual, forward, backward, pick plus forward, pick plus backward.

Manufacturing Flushing methods
So manual is what we’ve been doing so far. We've actually gone int, put in the quantity that we want to consume, post that and that is the consumption. Forward means when you change the status from firm plan to released and now I’m going to go into status and production order on some point. If I change it, it will consume everything that is needed to consume for this order, so everything we plan to consume is going to be consumed, so it takes away the requirement to do that. Backward means we are going to consume backward, so when we change the status from released to finished, it's going to consume.

I want to go through the backward one because that is easy to show. Also the pick plus forward has to do with the warehouse so it combines the warehouse pick into all these actions, we might get into that at some point.

Backward flushing method
How does backward work?, let's go in here, go into the production journal, notice now since I set it up to be a backward flushing, I don’t see the manual consumption, because it's filtered on manual. It's no longer manual, so its now showing it. I shouldn't be putting anything on consumption here because it's supposed to happen automatically. That why it's gone. Now I only have output. I’m going to say keep the running time zero, output quantity 500, let’s say finish Post this. Close it out.

Now we’ve finished 500 and If we go into navigate, entries, ledger entries; By the way this is something I haven't shown in any video, but you can get straight into the item ledger entries from the order which is very nice; I have output, I don’t have consumption yet because I haven't changed the status of the order. If I close this out, I go into actions, change status to finished, I’m going to update the unit cost here, hit yes. Now it changes for released to finished, close it out, comes off this list and goes into finished production orders.

I go here, I have two, click on this one, get into statistics, now you can see I have costs, if I actually go into the entries like I was before, I have consumption and output and the consumption is exactly what I should consume, plus scrap. Remember scrap is in there that why it's 550. That how the flushing works.



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