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139 - Create an Item in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Create an Item in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

We are actually going on business central, we have done a lot of videos on NAV 2018 and 2016 and 1017, but now we are on business central, things should work the same. There is probably going to be a lot of new people coming into to NAV that want to go through this cloud environment. So I apologize to everybody that has already seen this that I’m gonna do. But I’m gonna kind of go through a little bit of basic stuff. Just to get going on business central and I’ll also be of course going through NAV 2018 deeper stuff, like the manufacturing.

Create an item
To all the new people out there, we are going to create an item. It's usually the first thing that I do with any new system, let's see how hard it is to create a new item. Let's go here into items, and I get a list of items, so it's nice to actually have pictures. Right up front, very pretty and I just hit new to create a new item.

I get the template so, for those who don't know, you can actually set up templates for different items so what this is about, you don't have to fill out things on the item card, you have pre-filled out certain things and created a template for that. I’m actually just gonna create the standard item. Actually, with no sales tax, let's do that.

I just hit ok after selecting that, and I get an item card. Asks me for description, since we are in the coffee business, we start with the coffee mug; If anybody notices that I’m overly excited, it is because this is pretty cool. I really like this product; We could create the coffee mug and that should be it, it automatically put in base unit measure as pieces, item category, I could have set that up to be something here, like miscellaneous.

How about, setting up some costs, nope, its FIFO this automatically came from the item template. But the prices sure lets put a price on that. Buy the way this is the simplest way of setting up a price, it's 5 dollars, you can, of course, create very complicated price schemes up here.

And then we have replenishment parameters, you have planned and where people that are kind of new, you know, there are a lot of options obviously in NAV that you can set up, so I’m going through and showing some of these here. But you don't really have to set that up, I really didn't have to put up the unit price, I could have put in the description and left it at that.

Unit prices would have come up as 0, of course in the sale order but I put in 5. So let's go ahead and put in on sale orders since we are flying around here.

Create a new sales order
I close this out, go into sales, go into sales orders. I’m gonna create a new sales order. Who is it to?, I’m gonna do the Cannon group; I’m gonna just do it like that, what? we don't have the cannon group, ok this is an inside joke. I can't sell to the cannon group; So I’m just gonna do here the Alpine and here it comes, Alpine ski house. This is a moment in life that's pretty big, I’ve been doing the cannon group for almost 20 years here.

So we have type item, number, we are gonna find our coffee mug, it's right there. We want to sell 20 of them, it automatically comes with 5 dollars, no discount etc, and that's it. So now I can just release it, I can print it out, let's print out a confirmation to take a look at that.

Let's preview that. So this is all in the cloud by the way, really cool. I’m not on-prem or anything like that. Let's see the print out preview. Here it's is! Pretty. Obviously, you can change it if you don't want it like this. But it’s kind of nice, this one looks like somebody has handwritten it. Anyways, you get the Idea. So this is creating an item, putting in on a sales order, printing out the sales order confirmation and that's it.



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