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141 - How to Adjust Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

How to Adjust inventory in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

We are going to keep going in Business Central, and I'm going to go into how to adjust inventory. So, if I go here into Items, we've just purchased a mug and we have 45 of them, so I want to negatively adjust 5 because 5 broke, we were moving a box and they broke. We got to get those 5 out of the inventory.

Traditional way
I'm going to do this the traditional way. I go to something called Item Journal, and right here I can log a negative adjustment. Give it a document number for my coffee mug and I can just say this happened in the main location, 5, we lost five and I just go ahead and post. This should do it, post to journal line. It's done.

So, if I close out and go into the coffee mug, I can see first that it's already down to 40. So, I negatively adjusted the item. If I just click on the coffee mug just to get into the card, I can get into Navigate entries, just to see the ledger entries and I had negatively adjusted before so I have two negative adjust here and I'm down to 40. So, this is simple, just post the negative adjustment in the Item journal, you can do a positive adjustment and you are good.

Business Central way
There is a new way in business Central that is new., and that's the whole reason why I'm doing this video. Who wants to go into the item journal if they don’t have to? no one right? How about if we just go here into Item> adjust inventory. If I click on that and I had the coffee mug highlighted. I see the inventory that we have in the East and Main warehouse sop, wait a minute, I'm actually going to put 5 in the East house and Main I’m going to take down to 35 so we just found five.

Now this need to be properly put into permissions, obviously you don’t want people to just go in there and change inventory here, there and everywhere without any qualification, like going to a journal and doing a formal booking. If you put permissions on this, people cannot do it unless they have authority on that, and you might want to add that they have some of a reason.

In any case, it's super simple, right? so if I just hit ok, see what happens… we still have 40, but if I go into the item itself and look at the inventory, right here, entries> ledger entries. I can see that there have been changes made. Positive adjustment and negative adjustment, so we should have some in the East warehouse.

If I go in inventory available by location, I have in the east warehouse 5 and in the main warehouse 35. I just went on the item list, adjust inventory and adjusted the inventory and hit ok. No formal item inventory journal or item journal or anything like that, pretty cool, very easy. So business central is surprising.



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