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114 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 3

Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 3    

We’re gonna keep going on approvals. Approvals is a big topic now, its used to be fairly big, but with the I think it was 2015 or 16 version, they really improved it with a workflow engine a dramatic change so really happy with that. Let's just dive into it.

Approvals setup and the user setup
We were actually, we have three people here, we got Demo, which is the business manager, so user demo, we got Paul who is our sales processor or sales personas and accounting manager, Yoko Ono, so If I actually go into the approvals setup and the user setup, what we’ve had said before was basically like this, where we have Paul is sending an approval to demo and Paul can not approve anything, so everything that he creates has to be approved by demo an then demo is able to delegate to a substitute which is Yoko Ono, so what we want to do is say , hey I think its ok that Paul approves everything that is less than 500 or 500 less so then we’re using the sales amount approval limit here.

Sales amount approval, purchase amount approval, and request amount approval
We have sales amount approval, purchase amount approval, and request amount approval. So what is the difference between this? sales is for sales order, purchase for purchase orders and a request is sort of a general term and it sort of depends on the workflow template that you are using, which one of these gets picked. I’m gonna explain you the workflow engine late. But know I’m gonna show you how that sales amount works.

If I go in here and say well 500 is ok, anything less than 500 Paul can approve himself, that's fine. Let's go ahead and try this out. If I actually now go to Paul right here, and I’m gonna create a new sales order just quickly to the cannon group and this is an important piece of information, let's sell the Paris chair again; because we want to set up limits, so the limits actually cascade in what's called an approval chain.

So this is one, so he can sell one, he can even sell two chairs because that will still be in the 500 without asking anyone. I’m gonna send an approval request right here, and what happens? it's automatically released. So it just went, got approved automatically, then got released. So basically this is great, let's go ahead and complicate it a little bit more.

Approval Chain
I’m going to go into the approval setup again, pull user setup and I’m gonna say well 500 is ok I’m gonna say Demo does not have unlimited sales approval and his approval limit is 5,000 and the demo is actually going to connect to Yoko. So that if it's over 5,000 it goes to Yoko Ono. Now we have an approval chain, we basically have Paul if it's below 500, it goes to demo if its 5,000 demos can approve if not then it goes to Yoko. Yoko can approve everything,

So let's create an order that actually goes through demo and to Yoko, so let's try that out, again we go in as Paul create a new a new sales order, it's gonna be a lot of chairs, Cannon group again. Let's say it’s going to be 100 chairs, that's 20,000 it's even more than we have.

So here if I actually send an approval request, if I go ahead and take a look at Yoko Ono, right here, you can see that the order I just submitted right here for the cannon group comes to Yoko Ono, so it did not go to Demo ti goes straight to Yoko Ono because it was so high. So it skipped Demo because Demo can only do 5,000 and went all the way up to Yoko.

So you can have teared levels, let me just bring ahead again the approval setup, again it goes from Paul to Demo and then from Demo to Yoko and Yoko is then approving it or rejecting it. I hope that explained the approval chain when it comes to sales amount approval limits and this obviously works as well with purchase amounts on request amounts. But you can then set up tears basically, tear approval using this.    



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