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Business Central: Routing Set up in Production, Pt.6, Microsoft Dynamics 365

Business Central: Routing Set up in Production, Pt.6, Microsoft Dynamics 365

We’ve created a few items, one of them is ground coffee, if I go into ground coffee I can see that is a production item and if I go into replenishment we have a production BOM called ground coffee and there I have set up that it actually needs coffee beans to be made, now there is actually something called routing number which is right here and I have not set, so what I started by doing is creating a work center and this is the beginning of setting up routings.   

The idea behind routings I that you go through a work center as your producing this and then I can be timed, how long it will take. We have a grinding work coffee area right here, and I’m going to create a routing with this work center. If I go into routings, just create e new one. We’ll call itgrind coffee so it’s a serial we mean that each step over here is done one after another.  I’m only going to have one step, I’ll just create operation number 10, it's a work center.

I only have 1 work center, grinding coffee. I’ll say that setting up, which mean loading the coffee beans into the whole container there, takes about 10 minutes and run time to grind the coffee takes about 1 minute a pound. And then there is no wait time. I’m going to say that costs for each minute let’s say it costs 50 cents. This is kind of a simple set up for routings, we’ll go into more complicated ones in other videos. I need to change the status to certified, and then I just close this out.   

Now I need to attach this grind coffee routing to my item if I close this out and refresh. Go into the main screen, into the items. I’m doing everything through the web. It’s pretty snappy for like just a connection straight to the microscope. I go into grind coffee right here, to edit and I want to change the main item and I’d like to add the routing number right here, so that is key.  Now I have, both production BOM and a routing. When I create a production order right now, it should grab both.   

One of the interesting things is like unintuitive is that you can create a production order with routing. It’s kind of a shortcut. Hey if you don’t want to do capacity planning you can skip it. But most of the time I think you would do it with both. If you were doing like full-fledged manufacturing so I’m just going to close this out and see how the released production order. I just create a new one and we’ve done this now a hundred times in the video.  Everybody should be extremely familiar with this. 

I just pick the item:  Ground coffee, 100 pounds, refresh the production order and calculate everything, hit ok. Now it creates this, just like we did before and now it's not taking the entire day and notice that normally if you didn't have routing it took the entire day, says ok, we are going to take the entire day to do this and it’s not really scheduled. If you have routing it says, ok we must have it ready by June 4. Because the due date is June 9 Interesting there might be a weekend here, that’s why at five o’clock. We must start at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon to finish at 5, that’s accurate. Right? How do you figure that out?  

 If I go into the line, into routing we have a route and it's saying that it must go through the work center and it’s going to be a 10-minute setup and a 1-minute run time. So, if we calculate that, we have 100 pounds, 100 minutes, it’s 110 minutes, which is 2 hours. Less 10 minutes and then you have it right here, so that's exactly how it works. So, we can assign tasks to machine centers, stuff like that. We’ll do that in the next video but now you see how we added routing and we have time management on the production order, cool.   



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