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117 - Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 6

Approvals in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 6   

We keep going on approvals, and we are now into something called workflows and today I actually want to highlight a really cool thing in workflows, we did a sales order workflow and lets me just go ahead and get here into demo, into workflows. Notice that there is something called workflow and workflows, a workflow is something else, so keep it in workflows, in plural.

We have here different workflows and we did do the sales order approval in the beginning and then we went to purchase order approvals and then we added something called item approval, which means you can approve the item card and you can go forward with also approving vendor and customer cards and other cards.

New workflow from a template
All you have to do is add a workflow from the template and you can get those entities in here. Now that’s approving entities which is great, so we have approving documents like sales orders, we have approving entities like items and there is one more thing we can also do, we can approve journals.

So I actually added that here, I just went to new workflow from a template, went to finance and pick this general journal badge approval workflows, hit ok and it came over there. If you take a look at how that is, it actually allows us to approve a batch and then it checks a certain thing, if the batch is balanced then it allows it to go forward, if it's not balanced then we’ll have a problem, so on so forth. So let me just show you how this works.

I think this is a very welcome addition to NAV as well because a lot of times there is one person that fills out the batch and another person goes over it and posts or approves or something like that, this is especially true for payments and purchasing and other things. If I am Demo, I just go here into financial management, go into my journals, I’m just gonna type in general journal.

We’ll go into default 1 and edit that one. Here I have a few entries for this journal, now what I want to do is actually get an approval from Yoko Ono, she es is the accounting manager, I can just go up here and say: send approval request. If we do that, we can select whether it's going for the entire batch or selected journal lines, I create an approval template only for the batch, I could have also added the journal lines, so you select some of the journal lines and send those for approval. We are gonna do the entire batch and then the approval request is sent out.

Direct approver
Now it's using the direct approver, which means that goes to the next approver in the chain up from me, it doesn't follow the chain all the way up and is now taking any amounts.You can also see here we have workflow and there is an active workflow going on, it just creates an entry here in the lower right corner.

Now I’m gonna login as the accounting manager and I’m just gonna look at the approval entries and remember we have to go into this generic screen for the batch approvals and the entities approvals, this shows all of the things that are being requested and we can then investigate that.

So here I can see that we have a request from Demo an approver ID is Yoko, I’m logged in as Yoko, so that should be me. I can then go ahead and hit record, get up the batch, take a look at the batch see if its ok or not and hit approve or reject. We are gonna approve it and now it’s approved and we can keep going. We also get an email notice saying here Yoko, your register receives notification to actually approve this, etc. And this requires your approval, so the email actually works in relation to this, like we expect.

And I think this was a really good point, so now we have the entities, we have the journals, we have the documents all being attached to workflows and so next we’re gonna see if we can change some of these workflows, dive into those little branches there. Until Next time.



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