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111 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 5

CRM in Dynamics NAV 2018 Pt. 5           

 We’ll keep going on CRM and I’ve actually kind of been gone a little bit lost on CRM because I like the system inside NAV, I know we have options we can go into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and all those CRM systems but one of the good things about CRM in NAV is that is very close to the inventory, so right now here I’m logged in a a sales written relationship manager and I can go straight into item list and its gonna show me inventory in real time, there it not gonna be any issues.

If we are in a different system synchronizing inventory and creating orders and assigning them to lock number and stuff like that, is just not gonna be that easy, so yeah, CRM in NAV is pretty cool.

Now we were talking before about tasks and tasks are great but like here I’m on the role center and I cant see my tasks and I don't know why Microsoft didn't put the tasks right here, I’m a salesperson, I work by tasks and I should see tiles regarding takas etc but ok, let's fix that, we don't have to do any programming to get our tasks, some are close to here.

Tasks in the role center
If I go into salespeople and this I’ve shown in a video, I can go into Peter Saddow, I’m pretending to be Peter today so, bare with me, and I'm just going in to navigate here and into tasks, I can see the tasks for Peter Saddow right? I would like to see this list the task list actually on my role center, and we can do that.

All I have to do is go in here and say view, I’m gonna call it Peter’s tasks like so and then I just go out of here and now I have peters tasks right here. Now you know how to save a view, so if you save a view somewhere in the system it actually comes here on the side and If I click on here I got my tasks. Great I got my tasks on to the main menu and now I can keep on checking off the tasks that I have, now let's get a little bit more into tasks.

Complete a task
How do I actually complete a task? it's another interesting thing, it would be really nice to have button up here that said complete task, but no, we don't have that, but if we go to edit and we actually complete here by say completed by, and yeah ok makes sense it might not be you always who completes it.

I think still having a button is probably easier and with some development, not much we can add that, but you can also put in here who completed it, so I can say well Bart really did this, ok and we close the task, yes,we can leave the register an interaction log entry for that, sure.

And I can actually go through that, I‘ll just cancel this one. Yes. See this on does wanna go so let's pick somebody here just to get this window out of the way. Law Firm, what do we do? we sent them an email that's it.

Assing Task to teams
Another thing that is kind of cool in these tasks it that they can be assigned to teams so, that's pretty hard to do with outlook task for example, but here you can actually have team tasks and those are very nice. They are of course connected to opportunities, they connect the contacts within your system, which is great, which you can create sales orders out of. So that’s pretty cool.

Another thing that it's kind of interesting, we talked about activities in the last video I did about tasks and I’m really diving deep on these tasks things which is cool, I can assign activities here, what am I doing here? remember activities in the sales cycles, they are actually a code that holds tasks a group of tasks. So if I go here I can actually select an activity code like understanding need. Let's say we’re starting it today and I could have it part of a campaign or not and do something like that.

Then I actually have added a bunch of activities which came from understanding needs. Remember if I go here into activities, activity code, advanced and view, you can see that we have a bunch of tasks assigned to the activity post.

So this is really good because you might have an activity you want to do, like make a presentation but behind that activity, of course, are a lot of tasks and you don't want to delineate all the specific task such as activities, so you just say we are gonna make a presentation and that automatically gets the task out there and then you can then possibly assign them to different people. So that I think is a really good idea, again, with outlook tasks for example that's not that clear how to do that.

You can make a phone call straight out of the system, another interesting is ;I don't know why it shows up with one year, or it might be a translation error but I think that's a meeting, but you can actually schedule a meeting, this would normally show meeting, But I think It might be a bug;If I click on schedule a meeting I get this window here, where I can schedule a meeting just like in outlook and I add attachments send out the invitation and of course, you are thinking ok that is gonna synchronize with outlook, yes.

And actually all of these tasks here will synchronize with outlook as well and I was gonna jump on that in the next video. But you know hey, the CRM in NAV is not that bad and I has interesting features, so that's the reason why I’m still hanging on this topic and diving deeper. I have Peter’s task here, I can close of my tasks, etc.

Hey I’m getting closer to a workable system. 



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