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143 - Account Schedules in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Account Schedules in Microsoft D365 Business Central

I'm logged in as business manager role center, which is like this, comes out of the box like that. We have your insights, sales this month. Etc. Etc. And if I scroll down here, I have a trial balance. Which is like a snapshot of the number. But obviously, we want to see something more like this, I mean we might want to look at different periods we want to look at the budget, comparisons, and stuff like that. How do we get to that? now in NAV previously called NAV now Business Central we would use something called Account Schedules and I'm going to go into that, so if I go up here and I look for account schedules.

It, of course, comes up, and I get a list of account schedules. Basically, I can create my own account schedules if I like, and I have a whole list of videos about that, so you can look for those. But if I go here into the income statement. I can go into the overview and that shows me the income statement live. Here I can see the income account, cost good sold, account gross profit etc. So, this is showing me the Net change for a day. Let me change that into the month.

Net change for the month
We see an entire month view and then I can move into the previous period, so I can see the periods up here, now I'm in March 2018, we got some numbers for that, and let's say we want to see more columns, not just net change. I can change the column layout up here and I can get into periods. Now I can see current periods, which is this month and current periods minus 1, which is the month before that, and current periods minus 2.

So, I'm looking at three periods right here, this can all be changed, so if I want to add a line to this account schedule. I just close this out, go into my income statement and just click on it like this, yeah it does give you a warning that his automatically is updated by the system, so anything that starts with M in the demo system, it gets automatically updated. So, if you modify these, these might be overwritten by the system so let's go ahead and modify a different one.

Let's go into the income and expense, just edit it so I get a list of Revenue, extra cost etc. And let's see... if I want to add a line, I can add a line right here and let's say this is a Test Line and then I can just pick a posting account which comes in here from the chart of accounts and I'm just picking anything right now. This obviously is not making any sense. I'm just showing you how you would add it. And I can look at the overview of this again. And now I can see that I have a test line added here and accounts payable here. If I drill into that I can see this is accounts payable and drill into what makes that, 50 dollars which is an invoice. I navigate through the system and I can then show the invoice right here.

Account schedules are a live representation of income statement, balance sheet, whatever you'd like to create, you can create your own columns, owns rows and it's completely drillable all the way. It's a nice tool. As you can see this Business Central works very similar to NAV 2018 so if you look at those videos, you can see accounts schedules taken to the ad most level and like I said, it's very similar in Business Central.  



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