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142 - Adjust Inventory Pt. 2 (Lots) in Microsoft D365 Business Central

Adjust Inventory Pt.2 Lots in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 

I posted a video in business central yesterday on how to adjust inventory, straight of the bat on the item screen by just going in here into item > adjust inventory. You can actually go here also, adjust inventory. Interesting feature, you don’t have to go into Item journal and do a positive or negative adjustment.

You just go in there and change it, I thought that was kind of cool, but then I had some people posting comments like, hey, what about lots? hey, what about the costs? and those are really valid questions, and I apologize for not getting deeper into this and just leaving you guys with this quick little feature. So, I’m going to post something with lot today and see how that goes.

Create a new item
I’m going to create a new item here since it takes such a short time to create an item, we will just create a new one. It’s going to be coffee grounds and in here, to make this a little bit realistic I’m going to use pounds here, or those in the metric system, we could be using kilos or grams, I know the metric system I had to adopt the English system or whatever you might call it., imperial system. So, I’m working with pounds.

Lot tracked 
Now I’m here on item tracking, we want to change the item tracking to be lot tracked. In this case, we are doing coffee grounds, and the coffee grounds are lot tracked so we want to know what batch it was from, like food.

We are going to manually put in the lot. Let’s create a number series for this lot, new number series, actually we do have it, so let’s cancel it and use the existing one. You can see if you are first NAV user that this is very similar to the standard NAV. So here we have, a lot, lot numbering. We got the lot numbers on there.

What I got now is a lot track item for everything and the lot number series it automatically assigned here, I have a number series lot. This is so picture oriented, I feel really bad not having a picture of the items. Now I always put a picture. And you know why not? let's make the system pleasing.

We have coffee grounds this is law tracked and so what about just going into the item here. At inventory I’m going to add 50 pounds to the main warehouse, I must assign a lot number. That was a thing we actually expected, but if I go here, select more, nope nothing. There is definitely no way that I can think of that we could do this with a lot, unfortunately.

Let’s take a look at the coffee mug again, another question in here, was what cost does it take? If I do a positive adjustment into a location that has no cost, I mean what cost would it take? If we go over here, adjust inventory, I’ll put into a location I have nothing in like the west one. I put 20 there so this is, of course, the item that isn’t lot tracked.

And then I’m just going to get into the item itself and look at the entries, so if I do that, what do we get for the East location? the east location is right here, the cost amount comes in as 5, so it's doing it for the item itself, the original item that I actually bought. Ok, fine, so we are assuming that it takes the last cost of the cost in the item card. You can see that the unit cost is right here, that’s the cost it takes when you positively adjust.

I guess that pretty good, I mean its to be expected, so if you started inventory with nothing, you had no cost in there, it would come in at zero. This cost cannot be changed, you cannot type in what cost you want here, this cost is actually created when you purchase something, and its maintained on a FIFO basis. It's better to have some cost history before you start positively posting an item, which normally you do.

For example, if you are doing a physical count, first I’m getting an item in, doing it the way I just did it, might not be the best way because then it would get a zero cost and there is no way to select that. So, to sum it all up, and again there might be ways to do this differently, I don’t think there are, if you have an item that is not lot tracked and already has cost established on it, and you want that cost to be the basis of your positive adjustment, you can do this in item > adjust inventory. Just maintain that going forward.

If you have lot tracked item, like coffee grounds and you are going to adjust the inventory, you can’t. Because it needs you to put in the lot number and in the adjust inventory here, there is no way to put the lot number. Even this thing here where it says select more, just allows to select more than one location, so I’m not sure what the point is, because if we change the new inventory here for any of the locations, I think it does all of them, so I think its auto selecting them, that’s why its hidden. So, I answered the questions, it doesn’t work for lots, it takes the existing cost of the item for the unit cost. Thanks for commenting, definitely really good comments. Until next time 



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