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96 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2018

96 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2018    

We are going to be demoing NAV 2018, and we are going to keep going on our CRM path so, showing CRM related things, we are diving into that module pretty heavily. What I had shown before, let's just jump straight to it.

Contact profile
We had talked about contacts, so If I go here into the application you can see that we have a list of contacts and if I go into a particular contact we have profile where we specify whether its a male or female, whatever you come up to specify or categorize the contact, and there are other things here obviously that you can put in, for example, job responsibilities, which industry, etc. We had put in the mailing group as well. We are getting into the holidays and basically, the example is that I want to add contacts to a Christmas list or a holiday list.

Entries of a contact
And we wanna create mailing groups for that, and I’ve already done that in previous videos. We created a mailing group and we set up a contact and now I wanna go into how to actually use that. Before I get into that, one thing that's really interesting about NAV and about the CRM system is that the contact is an entity and entities have entries so, the contact has entries, what kind of entries does it have?

Well if we go into this contact, go into navigate, we can actually go into something called interaction lock entries, click on that, and this one does not have any, but here you would see all the interactions that we’ve done with this contact. If I actually go in here and remove the filter just to see all of them that are in the system, you can see that the interaction entries are different from companies and from contacts.

Here we have done some credit memo shipments, all of that, and if you scroll through, these are mostly transactions that relate to actual order or orders being done. Order or invoices, etc. We can even give it a cost, it could have an evaluation there could be a duration.

The demo system has most things automatically originating from the sales system or the purchasing system, like purchase order, sales order, stuff like that. We are gonna actually create an interaction that is more personal. Let me just get into this.

New Campaign
First thing is first, we need to set up the Christmas list or holiday list. And we are gonna send out cards and we have actually specific cards here at the coffee mug international. We have some card specifically for emails and some cards are specifically for females so, how do we actually separate that out?. Well, first of all, we need to go into campaigns and we are gonna create a new campaign here for sending out the holiday cards.

I’m gonna call it holiday cards and campaigns is basically just any activity that marketing does is that the idea is to reach people and possibly get some feedback. So this is Holiday cards. We have status here, I’m just gonna say we are planning this, starting day is gonna be tomorrow, ending day is gonna be the 11th. We have Peter who is responsible for this and now we have a new campaign.

Segments in campaign
The campaign contains segments so, each campaign can have many segments and let's get into segments to show you what it is. If I get in here, I get a list of segments and I’m gonna create a new one. In my case I actually have two different types of cards, like is said before, one for males and one for females, I’d like to create two segments one for male and one for female.

So let me go ahead and do that segment here is cards for males, again Peter is the salesperson, so who are the males that are in my Christmas or the holiday card list?, all I have to do is just hit here, add contacts , and I’m gonna just do a query for that, so here I get this really complicated app contacts thing. It's super complicated but basically, it has all the filters that I need to insert into the segment and the first thing I want to do is the mailing group.

Mailing group
The mailing group should be whoever is on my holiday card list. Then I need to get the mails, and inside the profile questionnaire, that's where we specify whether its a female or a male and so here in the contact profile answer I can just find it. First of all the questionnaires which were a person and secondly the question of the questionnaire person is male. If we filter on those things, those two things, I should get everybody who is on the Christmas card or holiday card list who is male.

If I hit ok, here we go. These happen to be all of those, and they are now brought into the segment. Now, I have one segment in here, I’m gonna create another one for females so, cards for females, Peter, and I click add contacts and again I do the same thing, mailing group, card and the questionnaire here was a person and the answer is female. Hit ok, and there are only three, but there they are.

Now we have these two segments. I want to go ahead and print out labels so, if I go into cards for males which is this one, there a lot of things that I can do here. I could export this list, I can connect it to various software. But in this case what I want to do is just print labels, because the labels I'm gonna put the holiday cards.

So I hit print label and I just hit preview and here I have my labels coming up. Basically what I’ve done is create a campaign to send out cards, I could have had also in my campaign, gifts and created segments for gifts and cards, and call it all holiday send outs, but here we have the labels. Pretty useful stuff you can actually get some use out of it right now since we are in the season.

Interaction entries - History
Since we created all of this, we actually want to log on the contact that we sent out the card, so they have a history, that is a really cool part about this. I can actually come in here into interaction, remember we have interaction entries in the contact.

And I have to specify what interaction I’m doing. Let me just take a look over here, we have all kinds of things like abstract theme, business letter, etc, so it doesn't really look like I have anything that resembles, no here we have sent a holiday card.

If you need to get more information on how to create these entries, it's not that hard, you basically just create a new set up the cost, set up whether its initiated by us or them, inbound outbound etc. So, we created that and now the interaction template has been processed in here and so we should be able to lock this segment and I’m gonna go ahead and not send any attachments just hit lock and now it’s been locked, that means it's done, we printed it out we lock the segment, etc.

Let's go ahead and do the same thing here so we can complete this out. Hit here send holiday cards and yes, and I’m actually going to remember the contact number here for Christie so I can show you later how this actually ends, now we are done with that and we are gonna go into people here, here are all my contacts and I’m gonna go ahead and look at Christie because we locked an interaction there, and what I want to do is take a look at the interactions.

Interaction log entry.
And you can see, now we have the interaction on Christie, we know that at this date we sent the card, It was Peter Saddles and it cost 5 dollars, took us 5 minutes and it was outbound, so we did do a ping to one of our customers and maybe we’ll get a pong back, who knows? Alright so Hopefully you gut the gist of this , but basically you can set up all kinds of groups and questionnaire answers, etc, then filter on those into segments then do something with the segment, like a mail or who knows what, and then you lock that you did that so you know that for history and then you can get back to it and see if you have been pinging your customers and the contacts regularly.      



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