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Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create an Item

Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to Create an Item

We've changed things up a lot. We hit refresh as Satya did. What we are going to do is go into the concepts of business central we are going to explain it in detail how it works, and we are going to try it in a very simple way.  

What you need
What you need to get going with this is a login into business central, you need to go in there and go into the company Cronus. It comes in as a demo company, you should have easy access to it and from there you will have everything that we are going to show you. So, you can follow our videos with Cronus.  

What are we going to talk about today? we are going to talk about Item. Or Items. What is an Item really? one good way to explain an Item is a coffee cup. Coffee cup thought is a very simple good item t to work with, you can count coffee cups, its solid. It’s a very nice item. An example of a difficult item is water, water is much harder. A water bottle easy, but if you pour water into a coffee cup what do we have now? how do we track that?, we are not going to go into that in this video, we are going to start with a more coffee cup scenario and maybe easy but we will move towards the water. So, stay tuned and look at the video.  

I am logged into business central on the cloud as you can see here, and I’m logged in as Paul@InectaUniversity.com and I am logged into the company Cronus USA which is the test company that you find at business central. So, if you have just installed Business central you can probably log into Cronus USA and get the same thing that I’m looking at here. What I’m going to do is create an Item.  

Create an Item
I go here into Items, I get a list of all items and I hit New and I’m going to create an Item with no sales tax and it brings me up a screen that is filled out partially and it's asking me to put in the description.  I’m going to put in here, iNECTA Coffee Mug and close it out. Now I’ve created an item, this is the simplest way to create an Item in business central, you really don’t need any other information except the description and what type of item it is, like item without sales tax. I would like to add a picture to this to make it a little bit more interesting because you can see here everything has pictures. I click on it again, go into pictures hit import, find my image, open and here the picture comes. Close it again and now I have a picture.   

Right now, we have added an item in business central and it only took two steps, hit new, adding a description and close. Adding a picture of course if a bit of a vanity but I think since it’s a pretty user interface the items should have pictures.



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