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Video 40 - Configuring User Profiles in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Configuring User Profiles in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Hello and welcome to The Coffee Mug Tutorials. What I wanted to go over today is the Role-Tailored client and the Role Center. So basically, when employees log into the system they are assigned a role center which should be geared towards their function within the company.

Right now I am logged in with a role center ‘Accounting Manager’ and you can see that everything around here is geared towards accounting. I did another video where I went over a role center - I think it was Order Processor - and just what is in there and explained what is around the screen, but you might be wondering how I can set this up for different users and have different role centers, and even modify those. So I’m going to go over that today.

We actually have a sales person starting, and I want to give them a Sales Order Processor role and I want to strip that down for them and I don’t want them to be able to change it.

I want to change it in a certain way and just leave it as that. Now, if I go up here to Search, I can go into something called Personalization and User Personalization. Right now I only have one user on the system - that’s me - that’s good enough for now.

The Profile ID that I have is Account Manager, so if I go in here I can actually change that and I can take a look at the Order Processor. Now a lot of these come with the system; these are just basic standard role centers that you can assign. But, as with NAV, out of the box is not always the way we want to go, so I’m going to pick the Order Processor right here.

To change this to Order Processor I’m actually going to close the application out and open it up again, right here. And now you can see I am the Sales Order Processor. Now, if I wanted to change this, I want to do that on a copy of the Sales Order Processor because I don’t want to destroy this role, I want to keep that clean, but I want to create a copy of this and change that.

So I can go back in here into the User Personalization. I could also go into something called Profiles but anyways I’ll go this way because it’s intuitive. I just hit Advanced and then over here I see the profiles. These are all the profiles in the system.

Now I go to Sales Order Processor and hit Copy Profile and I’m going to give it a new profile ID; that’s going to be ‘Coffee SP’ for Sales Person, Coffee Sales Person. Ok. Now I have the Coffee SP here. I just note on a few things here. I can then set up that for this particular role - it could be the default role - right now I have the Sales Order Processor as the default role.

I could make my Sales Order Processor - the Coffee one - be the default role just by checking this off. I can also take off the personalization - that you can actually personalize this yourself. Let me just go ahead and do that and make this the default one and take off that you can personalize it yourself. These here have to do with OneNote integration which I’m not going to go into.

Alright now I want to change this so that it changes inside this profile. If I would have changed it over here in my client I would have only done that for my own user, but I want to do it for every single user that logs in with this profile. How do I do that? That’s a little techy but I’m going to go through that anyways.

So this was called ‘Coffee S.P.’, I just have to remember that. So I have to now go into the shell so hopefully you won’t be scared. Just write the Common Prompt and I want to navigate to where the NAV client is, so I go all the way back to the root. I go to Program Files, IE6, and then into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then into 90.

This might be different in your version, I have the 2016 version which is 9, so go into 9 and here I’m actually going to go into the role-tailored client. Ok. And so I’m going to run the client. Let me just make this a little bit bigger like that - manually - it’s just going to be Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client XE and then with the argument configure and the profile that I want, colon and the name of it so it’s going to be CoffeeSP. I hope I did this right otherwise I have to redo the whole demo. Yes it went fine.

Now I actually ran the client and notice I get configuration mode here. And this is the familiar role the Sales Order Processor role. Now I’ll just go ahead and hit Customize, Customize the Ribbon, and let’s say I take away the Reports - I don’t need those. History, we don’t want them to go into History, and that’s ok.

Let’s go ahead and change also the page so I don’t need Notification, Report Item, My Items or My Customers, alright. Ok a couple of things like that, let’s customize this one a little bit also. We don’t need the Returns. Let’s see, alright, ok, alright, it’s not maybe the prettiest but I’m just proving a point.

Ok, so now if I log out and I’m going to close this one out as well. I’m going to run the client again. Now it’s going to run normally and now you can see that ...I get into the Sales Order Processor, I’m going to go into the User Profile - oops Personalization sorry - like so.

I’m going to change my profile to the Coffee Sales Person and close out and open up again. And now you can see I’m the Coffee Sales Person role. As you can see this is the modified role and if I try to customize right now I cannot customize, so I have been locked out of that.

But since I have all powers of permission I can go into User Personalization and move myself back into a different role, so obviously you need to setup the permissions to lock the user out also of User Personalization for this to be effective. Going back to Order Processor and I’m fine.

So I just go home, here, yeah, so we have now changed the role center so this is the default role center for anybody who doesn’t have one assigned and it has been configured for the sales people of the The Coffee Mug International company. That’s it.



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