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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Supply & Demand, Requisition Worksheet

Dynamics 365 Business Central: Supply & Demand, Requisition Worksheet

We are going to keep going on the supply and demand on this video, that is, of course, the holy grail of ERP systems. What you want to do is make sure that you are supplying all the sales orders that are coming in. So, there are a few ways to do that, we want through it previous video where we went into the sales order and into planning from the sales order and figured out this missing supply and we supplied that with a purchase order etc. But that is really not that useful in a bigger scenario. If you have lots of items if you’ve got lots of sales orders being generated by salespeople and then you might have the focus of actually looking at those in a group and supplying them. The one-off are just not going to work. 

So what we are going to do is show you how to do it in a worksheet. The focal point here is that there is one person who is running the worksheet and taking a look at the entire system at once through the worksheet and looking at what needs to be bought or changed and the worksheet comes up with all kinds of suggestions, it may since cancel this order, issue this order, move that order etc. So, it gets a little bit more complicated than just the one-off. So, let's move into that and go deeper into supply and demand.  

Let's take a look at the system, before we when through supply and demand planning, just right off the sales order to see if you require to buy for these sales order going out. But that is not very good if you do have to do that every time you are entering a sales order.   

What you want to do is get a supply and demand scenario where you are using a worksheet. We are going to do that, but before you start, there is a setup that needs to be done. I’m going to use the inecta coffee mug, and If I go into planning, we need to set up the reordering policy to have something. When you start to create an item, it comes blank. We are going to set it here to order, later video we are going to explain what these options mean, but for right now, we just want the system to place an order if we go below zero at the supply and demand planning.  

Another thing to note is that if I go into the inventory availablility for this item and take a look at the location, I can see that the unspecified location, blank location, actually has a proactive available balance of –20, I’m looking at the entire year here, all other locations seem to be fine.  I don’t have any issue, but this one here will go down to –20. Now we can see that we are buying 30 and there is a sale going out for 50. This is an imbalance we need to fix and let's go ahead and see how that works now in the requisition worksheet. 

Requisition Worksheet
If I close out here and go into actions, requisition worksheet, and here I’m going to go ahead and calculate a plan. So, what this does, you can set up the parameters of what you want to look at, like which items, for what time period, if you use forecast or not, etc. And it will just go over everything in the system and see if you are out of balance and tell you what you need to do to get back into balance. It’s much better than doing by individual sales order or individual item. You basically just brow or go through the entire roster of items.   

In this case, however, I’m only going to look at the coffee mug, you see I filtered the coffee mug out here, that is a filter, and I’m looking at this period here, which is from 4 9 to 9 6 and I’m not bothering with the forecast, I’m only doing this to limit the amount of data that comes in here for demonstration purposes. I hit ok and the system runs through super quickly what I need to do.  What It’s saying is, I want you to cancel the purchase order you have out there for 30, I can just click here order tracking and show this purchase order, I can see this is the purchase order for 30 that I made to Frabikam. And what the system whats me to do is cancel that one and then issue a new one for 50, and I can select the vendor. I can even switch the vendor if I want to.   

If I say ok this is all good, I’m Just going to pick the same vendor here for that and everything is great, as long as this carry or accept action message is checked off,  it will do this actions for you. All you have to do is say carry out action message up here. I could print them out If I wanted to and the system has changed it around, If I go back, go into the coffee mug and take a look at my availability by location, I can now see for the year that everything is in balance here for that specified location. If I click on here, I can see that I have a purchase line for 50 and sales line for 50 so everything is good and that was using requisition worksheet, which is a much better way do to it rather than straight of the sales order. We’ll probably get more into how to do various other things with the requisition worksheet.



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