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90 - Purchase Invoice, Copy Document in Dynamics NAV 2017

90 - Purchase Invoice, Copy Document in Dynamics NAV 2017     

We were going into how to make things easier in purchasing last time. We were talking about purchase invoicing and how to create purchase invoice quickly with like a recurring template, and I’m just gonna keep going on that. Now that we’ve actually wanted to narrow the topics out a little bit and if I actually create a purchase invoice or if we go into what I did last time.

Go into purchase invoice, and take a look at for example this one and I have these three lines here and I actually just went into getting recurrent purchase lines and that insert those three lines.

So obviously I would have to have a header and it has to be populated with the vendor and all the information that I need to put there. Let's say for example that I don't want to do the header either, that is always the same so it’s annoying to me to actually go into the header, create and switch all the information in the shipping and then put in the lines.

I want the entire thing to copy over. Ad there is, of course, a way to do that in NAV and that is called Copy document so I’m gonna show you that.

Copy document
If I go into just creating a new purchase invoice when it comes up here with new up her. That means it hasn't really created a record yet in the system, If I go into the next line it all of the sudden gives ita number, here is 1005, now it means now it’s a record and you can copy into it and it’s obviously saying we are missing a vendor, vendor invoice, and some lines so you should do something here. So I’m gonna go into actions up here and hit copy document, copy document and I have it filled out from last time, copy document allows me to take whatever purchased document in there, so if I look in document type I can take from a quote, order invoice, from anything and copy into this.

So I’m actually gonna pick it from an invoice, just another invoice I’m gonna pick 1003 and it fills up and then it asks me do you want to include the header? yes.

I don’t want to type that in again and recalculate line, if it actually recalculate the lines, its gonna bring the latest prices or the latest cost that you might have set up in tables but I’m gonna leave the lines as they are, so I just want them copies and straight so I don't check on recalculating lines.

And if I hit ok on this, notice it fill out the vendor, contact everything, So, this is both the header and the lines in this case, and if you are always copying the same thing over and you need the header to be a part of that it might be better just to set up a template in invoice out there or order that you always copy from and you just never really deal with it in any other way. So it’s like a template.

That's basically the easiest way to go around doing everything, one comment on this about comments is that it does not copy the comments over, for some reason, I’m not sure why but I was checking on that. And the comments are not copied over, so if you l have comments and you would like them to be copied over on the comments sheet they won't come over.

However if you put the comments in the line like so, here’s a comment this will get copied over, so put them in the lines and obviously, they are going to be printed out for the vendor and then it’s gonna apply over with no problem.   



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