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86 - Posting Groups in Dynamics NAV 2017 - Part 8

86 - Posting Groups in Dynamics NAV 2017 - Part 8     

It’s been a long journey in order to do this topic justice, we actually have to cover all of the tracks most of them At least the main heavy points of how things post through the system.

In a previous video, we actually went over how we purchase and how it gets booked into NAV through Ap and inventory and direct cost applied and purchasing accounts and those have mostly to do with the general business posting groups and general product posting group and how that actually ties together in the posting setup.

So in this diagram here I’m showing you on the left-hand side we have the entities and they are tied with general business posting group and on the right-hand side here we have the general product posting group which ties together items and remote resources, basically anything that you buy and sell.

What we wanna go through now is the actual sales posting of that transaction, If I go into NAV, I’m just gonna go into a sales order; and If you’re jumping into this video without watching the previous video I suggest you watch that first, then you kind of get where we are going; If we go here and create a new sales order, and I’m actually gonna sell to the cannon group, and let me go ahead and show more fields here.

I want to post this actually on 11 05 2018 just the same ideas I did before when I’m actually posting at a date that has no postings, that way I can filter on that date and take at the transactions on the chart of accounts I can, of course, navigate as well but I just like that way because it's kind of clear.

This account is a sales tax, and I don't want the sales tax to get posted, so it's actually gonna take that off because that would just skew our posting so make sure you have no sales tax or discounts on if you are trying this out. I’m just gonna pout in the thanksgiving mug, we are gonna sell 5. Each one is gonna be $30, that's it so If I take a look at the statistics there are no discounts etc and we have everything in order.

We should see $150 get posted into the chart of accounts and $75 it's gonna be the cost. So let's go ahead and post it’s usually good to take a look at the statistic especially if you are trying out on the demo system, there might be other posting going on and that could confuse the example. So we shipping invoice.

Now I’m gonna do the same thing as I did last time, take a look at the chart of accounts, we are going to filter on the date that I just posted on which was 11/05/18 and then I’m just gonna filter on net change being different than zero and I filter also on posting accounts.

Now we have four postings, $75 and $150 across now I’m gonna bring up my excel in here and this time around we are actually going to see things hit on sales. So I’m hitting customer domestic which are accounts receivable, and that goes for asset, and then I hit resale items which are the inventory, so we are selling for $75 which means that we still have inventory of $225 we just sold portion of what we bought, the cost of good sold gets offset of course with inventory, so that is right here cost of retail sold for $75 and then of course sales, resale items gets offset cost of goods sold.

So this is how the booking actually books all the way through so we bought for 300 and gets hit to accounts payable and purchase and then direct cost applied in inventory and then we sold some of it so inventory gets reduced by $75, that gets put on cost of goods sold which is stipulated there, accounts receivable gets hit by $150 in sales.

That is the transaction and why is it hitting these accounts?, if we go in here into posting setup and I go into the domestic retail again and we can then see these are the accounts that are getting hit. And now I’m hitting the sales account 44100 and then I’m hitting the cost of goods sold which is the 54700, the purchase accounts were hit before in the purchase and direct costs applied. And where is the customer or the AR account in the inventory account? Those are from the entity posting groups which we covered in the earlier videos.

So now I concluded the posting all the way from purchase to sales. Stay tuned for the next video where I’m actually gonna throw a wrench into this and you are gonna see some weird postings and I’m gonna explain to you that that is perfectly normal.      



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