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93 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2017 Pt.2

93 - CRM in Dynamics NAV 2017 Pt.2  

We are gonna keep going in the NAV CRM so, we have options in the dynamics ecosphere with CRM systems and one of them is using the CRM inside the box or inside NAV. On the previous video, we went on contacts, just showing the contact in the customer card. Now we are diving a little deeper.

In this time I’m actually going to get into mailing groups. its very useful tool to have inside the system, and I actually changed my user profile to be here to the Sales Relationship Manager. This is a user profile in NAV 2017, it's really nice, it actually brings together everything that the CRM system has, here you can see we have the contacts, how many contacts as a company we have, how many contacts as people we have.

Sales Relationship Manager Profile
Any open opportunities; and I’m actually gonna go into what opportunities are in one of my videos; Sales orders and sales quotes, etc. Then we have some nice graphs how in how the opportunities have been progressing for each one of the salespeople, the top opportunities that we have and some sales cycle analysis. This is the fun graph for sales pipelines. Pretty cool but right now I want to go into mailing groups so, if I go in here and type in a mailing group.

Mailing groups
It is the season or the holidays are upon us, and we want to add people to a Christmas list and I actually have here a Christmas card, Christmas gift or holiday. So, to actually encapsulate all of the holidays I’m gonna create a new mailing group and I’m gonna call it Holiday and Gift so just G for a gift.

So what is the an idea behind the mailing group, it is basically allowing you to set or add contacts to a group which you can then later use to either create a segment where you send out email or you print out a list or labels and if you are sending out a gift or Christmas cards, you can be labeling them those out.

As you are going through your contacts you can be throwing them into mailing group throughout the year, so we have holiday gift here and we have no contacts in here. I’m gonna go ahead an add a contact to this. So I get in here into contacts. So add on marketing here, Chris I actually want to get him into the mailing group and I just go here up on the ribbon first click on Chris and then into mailing groups and I can see that he is in no mailing group right now. Well, I want to give him a holiday gift so I add him to the holiday gift, let's go ahead and also add Megan into the holiday gift like so and Alex.

Now if I go into my mailing groups again I can see I have three people in the mailing group and I can click on those and here they are.

So stay tuned because we are gonna move into using these mailing group in a segment.       



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